PT: Crystal Cave


too easy for dungeon make harder


Judging from the looks of this enemy, I’m going to guess it’s a new LotLL dungeon and the Ice Cave will be pushed to another monster dungeon drop when it comes out


is there supposed to be a portal at the end?


Not yet! But congrats on finishing the dungeon! What do you think of it?


What sort of level is it meant to be? it seemed quite easy and it took way too long to kill the boss


Nothing special, really easy to solo on first try… Sadly there are no drops yet. But i like the sprites


Dced before I could solo it

At the moment its fairly easy because the bullets are so slow, but killing stuff takes annoyingly long (at least on the partially maxed chars we get for testing)

Always pleased to see new content though


It really doesn’t work for me, it still says “incorrect username and password”. :frowning:


Hpthere will prob be a new event boss


Can’t wait for the drops. Great job Deca team.


The bullet-hell aspect of it is amazing. Also love the fact that you can shoot to crystals to render them useless for a bit.


Overall thoughts:
The ice walls before the boss have a bit too much HP, with 5 of us and paladin/warrior buff it still took us a bit to break them, I understand it’s to stop rushing but it seems a bit excessive.

The boss fight itself is such a grind, the bullet sponges that barely punish…not a GREAT fight at this point but a great start. I found I barely moved at all and could avoid most of the bullet waves, they coalesce at pretty obvious points (the large purple shots from the crystal turrets is a big point on this one)

Overall this is a super fun and really different dungeon, changing up shot rotations, changing up the guardian phase would be helpful (Two of them for some reason ran over and sat on our knight, basically making this phase nothing.)


I’ve done a solo on an 8/8 Knight, and I found that at most times, there was maybe…a bit too much going on.
Considering that some enemies don’t deal any damage, I think their bullets will be a strain for those with less powerful computers (or phones, for that matter).
I’ll give it a shot on another class, too.


Update: We have stopped the pt to investigate the dc issue. I’ll update the thread when it reopens. Thank you for the feedback!


Good to know!


There seems to be evil water tho


I mean, cube god and skull shrine still need a dungeon to drop.


its admin only




It’s not evil water in there, it’s just deep water. Plus, the colour scheme is slightly different, so no, I don’t believe that this dungeon is connected to Ddocks.

Many of Lotll’s minions are based off crystals including himself. The guardians the boss spawns seem to be designed after Lotll’s aesthetic scheme as well. I did guess it would drop from Crystal Prisoner when I first saw the name, but after seeing how the dungeon looks, it fits more as a Lord’s dungeon