PT: Cursed Library release


forgot to mention this last time but yea



I got a nasty shock when I deleted my pregeared archer and tried to make a necro lol. I guess the dungeon works tho


Uh should we get gear when we start a new class so we can actually do the dungeon?
Oh and maybe one more fame box? :smiley:


yes please gib 50k more fame


The dungeon looks very nice, I’ll try ehm if see ehm. Too bad eggs won’t drop anymore… Couldn’t get a single item. (Some of us have to work…) I’d hope token events weren’t so damn grindy…


PT is closed. Thanks for your participation.


That’s kinda the point


Dang, that was a short PT.
I guess the release will be soon, eh? 0u0


The update is live in the main game now: Patch X.31.7.0 [The Cursed Library] Notes