PT: Heroic Abyss and Heroic UDL


Public testing open until tomorrow Friday 17:00 CET

Update 4/3/2019

  • Monsters now have a chance to drop an Orb of Life or Orb of Mana. Those orbs are activated automatically when you walk on them.
  • Orb of Life: Gives healing for 5 seconds
  • Orb of Mana: Gives Energised (Mana Healing) for 5 seconds

Heroic UDL

  • Monster Hp have been adjusted
  • Some enemies will now shoot with a higher prediction value making them more accurate

Heroic Abyss

  • Map’s length reduced
  • Rooms size increased
  • Removed enemies from spawning in the T room
  • Reduced orbiting speed of Malphas protector
  • Reduced overall monsters HP
  • Added 1 new attack that can happen when the boss has below 65% hp
  • Added 1 new attack that can happen when the boss has below 30% hp
  • Changed the behaviour of the Demon

Update 4/3/2019

Heroic UDL

  • Reduced the HP of monsters
  • Added HP scaling to the monsters
  • Rewrote the boss flow
  • Added 1 new attack that can happen when the boss has below 65% hp
  • Added 1 new attack that can happen when the boss has below 30% hp

The DC issues have been fixed

Hi all,

We are starting a new Public Testing round which will focus on 2 Heroic Dungeons.
The 2 first Heroic dungeons to be tested are:

  • Heroic Undead Lair
  • Heroic Abyss

Those dungeons have a No Pet feature activated by default. In addition, we have increased HP and damage of the monsters.

The bosses have been slightly modified.

Guill will open portals automatically in the Realms portals area.


Do you like the new "Heroic" Dungeons concept?

Awesome :o I am absolutely gonna try these out when I get back! No pet sounds interesting given the buffed minions, hope it’s not too tough :sweat_smile:


so i went in the UDL…
got hit by a bat then BOOM INSTA DC.


If all that was done was change stats around, disable pets and change the boss a little, these “heroic” dungeons are not going to be up to standard of the dungeons that have been made as of late (new LoD, library).
I’m also worried for how the community will react to a dungeon where pets are disabled entirely.


tfw projectler link opens the normal realm client


insta 10 min dc when I load in…


Try using the flash link: Through Flash player 18, was experiencing the same issue with Flash projector 11. Also seems like there are constant DCs when you load in due to memory issues.

Edit: By clicking on File->Open->and pasting the link there. The swf doesn’t seem to be working.


After about 2 minutes of gameplay on a fresh account that I just verified for testing to see what was new, I got disconnected in the UDL and was unable to log in again even with the correct credentials. My friend had the same issue. Fix this soon so we can actually test, please.


and i got DCed AGAIN while trying to enter vault…
Please, fix these DCs


I’ve gotten dced twice already, completed one udl but barely even got to try the abyss, boy wouldn’t it be great to actually test these dungeons


i get hit with some heroic dc’s whenever i enter those dungeons


dc’ing like crazy xD


I keep on trying to try and do anything and then every time I just get dc’d and it tells me that my account is invalid.


Really hyped to test out these new dungeons! Memory problems suck though, hope you guys can ping us when the issue’s been resolved so that we can properly test these new dungeons


What are the drops for the heroic dungeons I haven’t got any



Drops are usually not implemented on testing, as you could’ve seen with the LoD and Shaitan rework.
Wait, what? I’m a yellow star? The heck? nvm, RealmEye was buggy.


I didn’t even get in the nexus.




It should has more projectile angels, more damage and hp scaling but no pets? its stupid
Imagine using high mp abilitys on it. Its just impossible. btw stealing from pservers? Gr8 move!