PT: Heroic Abyss and Heroic UDL


Harder dungeon = better loot

why should this be limited to tiered items? Crown is basically an upgraded Captain’s ring, and it comes from a harder dungeon.


They called Untiered for a reason you know


I guess the argument could be made that, if people are willing to go through Oryx Mayhem (for example) to farm a bunch of vanities then there’s no real limit to how bad you can make the risk/reward ratio.

The counterargument would then be that it might indeed work for a limited period of time, but after a while more and more people would have at least one of each new item collecting dust in their vaults and you’d see less and less people care about the new dungeons outside of specific chest events.


If I recall correctly, my Status Effect Concepts got quite a lot of hate.


first abyss clear and I get the white :slight_smile:


The rates seem to be high


First of all, the UDL is done pretty well. Soloing doesn’t take too much, but honestly I would buff the minions HP by a bit, something like 20%. I think it was too easy to kill based on it being a heroic dungeon. Heroic Septavious was pretty good, I like the new mechanics and generally a balanced dungeon.

Regarding the Heroic Abyss, I think the monsters have too much HP. I tried it out with a Rogue, and killing each monster took a full cloak, so around 5 seconds.And that’s not even when talking about the White Demons. So yeah, I think you should nerf their HP. TRoom fight was good, although I got the DBlade on my first kill. Maybe I was lucky, but I think that’s too common. Idk if the droprates are the ones going to prod or no.

Heroic Malphas: God that was a fight. He took me on a rogue (8/8, fresh from creation) like 15 mins. Again, I know the whole point isn’t a solo, but the health is just too high. Having no pet requires going back and to regen a bit, and it happens most of the fight with him.
I know Abyss is harder than UDL, but the difference is insane in Heroic mode. Besides the health of both dungeons’ monsters (buffing minion health and maybe Septavious health too, while nerfing down Malphas and minions health), I think the dungeon is perfect for what it represents: A more challenging version, which also brings better rewards.
The risk/reward ratio IMO is perfectly fine. Take another 8/8 friend with you and you finish this in a few minutes, getting a good chance for a white + greater pots.


Okay, I’ll ask: why is Heroic Dungeons a thing?
Epic Dungeons like Woodland Labyrinth, Crawling Depths, Deadwater Docks, The Nest and so many others are popular for a reason: they’re not simply harder versions of their counterparts. They offer new challenges for the player to face, new enemies, new hazards, new fighting patterns to remember, new loot to earn. The Heroic Dungeons barely do anything new from their original counterparts, aside from remove your pet and increase damage and give status effects to some enemies.
Basically, all the Heroic dungeons are just buffed versions of the original dungeons, with nothing more and nothing less to say about it.


If there’s Ancient doom bow and ancient demon blade, would there be a normal stone sword that has really slow shots?


I have a feeling that this jump in difficulty back was too much of a shock. Obviously solo it’s tedious and slow; that’s the incentive in partying up with a priest or a sub healer, especially back in the day. People are just too used to soloing these dungeons. Now if the enemy hp scales (even the minions) I can see why, since that was a post pet era solution.


Where do you live that people actively do Nests please guide me
Still waiting for that beework B(


Ummmm T13/14 weapons, and T14/15 armours have been in RotMG’s game code since WS days (going back to 2012 or earlier), BMJ possessing the T14 Dagger of Dire Hatred being the most known example.

Things like graphical changes are maybe a better example where pserver/hackclient ideas have repeatedly made it to RotMG, (HP bars, disable ally shots, etc).


After doing both dungeons I came to the conclusion after a few days that this heroic dungeons are refreshing. I mean, I remembered how fun was to play without pets back in 2012, when I first started… although being less fast paced and still easy, this gave me more nostalgia and enjoyment, to be honest.
We need more dungeons like this (without pets), with better loot drop rates.
Still the dungeons are way to easy, in my opinion.


Just a quickie, they added these blue and red spheres to Heroic UDL that increase hp and mp regen, interesting.
Enemy hp also is lowered which is good

New Phases for septevius are cool aswell, little annoying tho.


It could work if it was done in a bit of a lowkey/no-hype way, to give players a very familiar experience but tougher, and the loot is very similar but a bit better (‘ancient’ wbs, greater pots). Basically no-pet versions of the standard dungeon.

But when it goes past that point, with redesigned enemies, different mechanics, yeah that’s just the same as the concept of the ‘epic’ dungeons, so just call them that! And then we have epic UDL/Abyss to add to the growing epic roster.


that was ironic :clap::pensive:


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thanks Niegil!


Edit: New Update folks

Abyss to come later with lot of changes based on your feedback.

Update 4/3/2019

  • Monsters now have a chance to drop an Orb of Life or Orb of Mana. Those orbs are activated automatically when you walk on them.
  • Orb of Life: Gives healing for 5 seconds
  • Orb of Mana: Gives Energised (Mana Healing) for 5 seconds

Heroic UDL

  • Monster Hp have been adjusted
  • Some enemies will now shoot with a higher prediction value making them more accurate


I like the orbs, makes the dungeon much faster paced like the rest of the game. The problem still remains in the boss, though.

higher regen when out of combat when :clap: