PT: Heroic Abyss and Heroic UDL


(imagining an Elder Realms Rotmg where you self-inflict sick whenever you fire your weapon, lol could be an interesting thing!)


Say, this would actually be an interesting gimmick for the Seal from the Library.
You could remove the MP boost and lower the cost - at least, the cost was so high due to part of it being instantly regained. Lowering the cost would mean people with too little mana could at least use it.


How much longer will it stay open?



I think the bubbles/orbs/balls makes the dungeon too easy.
Bosses need to shoot faster, have more damage and have more hp for a full immersive experience.


EDIT: Extended the PT duration to tomorrow Friday 17:00 (5 pm) CET


Please, no. Soloing an Abyss on Necro (pre-update) took me 4 repetitions of all of Malphas’ phases. A decrease in base health is what I’d rather have.


Soloing an abyss for me took a while for a priest it was a really bad idea tho


Also what’s with people saying that Deca stole the basic concept from a private server? Ironic, considering private servers steal most of the game’s code, if not all of it.

So, let’s say Deca releases… items with special effects, who the fuck cares if a private server had it before? There’s no “don’t copy” rule in this situation. What it matters that the original game gets the update, not some half-arsed, pirate copy of RotMG. (Even if you change the name it’s still RotMG jackass).

Not to mention, these private servers claim to be better than prod because "no pets and no P2W features), yet characters can get the equivalent of 2 divine pets healing worth in Vitality and if you pay a certain amount of money, you can basically spawn ANY item you want, gg, you won the game.


For something that’s labeled as Heroic Undead Lair I kinda expected something like a pseudo “darkness” effect. I’m venturing into a dimly light underworld filled with unspeakable horrors. Ain’t no underworld I know with great lighting.


Epic dungions were made for dungeons which were weak and undone, so they revived them to have great loot that people would actually do them for, while heroic dungeons seem to be made for the main dungions done for pots
Unlike epic dungeons, heroic dungions are made for places you would farm the pots for the 6 main stats, dex, def, vit, wis, spd and att


Heroic udl Septavius minions could use a small nerf in hp there is already a lot of them and not sure if intentional or not but the stacked confused shots needs to be reverted or fixed i dropped to 294 hp from 794 hp from what looked like a single projectile.

Heroic abyss rooms should be a bit bigger sometimes i got shotgunned from the enemies going into the next room because they were in the uncovered area by the opening of the next room.


Lol the shot was overpowered, they have to work on the stacked shots because that will make doing the dull harder if you get hit by 2 of them


USEast2. I see a lot of people go into Nests, I can’t confirm if they complete it.


Edit: Updated Abyss

Heroic Abyss

  • Map’s length reduced
  • Rooms size increased
  • Removed enemies from spawning in the T room
  • Reduced overall monsters HP
  • Reduced orbiting speed of Malphas protector
  • Added 1 new attack that can happen when the boss has below 65% hp
  • Added 1 new attack that can happen when the boss has below 30% hp
  • Changed the behaviour of the Demon


not sure if intended but these guys don’t shoot at you unless you get really close to them

also orb drop rates seem really low in abyss


Public testing open until tomorrow Friday 17:00 CET


White Demons now have an additional Tear shot. It deals 220 damage and is affected by defense.

The new status effect for Energised. Very creative - red for vitality, blue for wisdom.

image image
Orbs also have a map dot. Fortunately, Healing ones aren’t completely red.

Malphas’ two new phases are also fairly interesting.
In the first one, he fires slowly moving, spinning fire breath shots that have a strange, wavy-esque pattern. They deal 150 damage a piece, making them quite deadly, but not too difficult to dodge.
The second one is a lot, lot less easy to dodge. He shoots out three fast-moving tentacles, similar to Totalia’s rage phase, which also deal 150 damage. However, they are not aimed at the nearest player, but simply circle around Malphas.
Due to their clusteredness and speed, I don’t think it’s possible to comfortably dodge these at all if you’re standing too close. Definitely needs a nerf there.
There are also spiral shots coming from the edges of the room that come together at the spot Malphas was last at, dealing 160 damage each. They’re easily dodgable if you simply circle with the other tentacles.


Just tried the udl for the first time:
I like the healing and magic healing things that spawn, they are useful and reduce the ‘wait for healing in an empty room for a minute and a half’ aspect. I solo’d the udl on a priest, and it took around 8 minutes. I was happy with the good fame gain from the dungeon, as well as the drops (it drops top weapons at least)
Haven’t tried abyss yet, but udl is solo’able for me within a reasonable time (at least on priest)

#168 (udl v3) (abyss v2)

And I also found these 3 fellas won’t shoot at you unless you’re within a tile or two.

Same goes for malphas in one of his phases (I think it’s the phase where he normally throws out minions, you can see @ 3:40 in the abyss video he just stands still).

Overall much nicer, the larger rooms are a great way to contrast the claustrophobic feel of regular abysses.