Public Testing #7 - Status: Closed



Why can’t I get any items? I don’t spawn with any and I’m not about to legit make a maxed character from scratch on the testing server just to try out items


My feedback from ppe experience (up to t3 for both abilities):

  • Pet Wardrobe, i havent tested any of the functions yet, but the UI looks neat.

  • Class, since i havent maxed any of the stats i can stay for sure, but it seems balanced and nice.

  • Waki, i like this a lot, the damage is amazing but is harder to hit so it seems good. I havent felt the difference from exposed too much but it seems like a nice lil dmg buff. it is a shame tho that when you use it next to a wall it could get stuck and waste your mana

  • Sheat, im not really a fan of it. the idea behind it is nice, but this result isnt so much. the damage is pretty low but doable with the mp cost. However, the teleportation is straight-up bad imo. You alway tp forward, into the damaging bullets (since you want to do damage to the enemies). and you cant use it for evasion much either since the range is so low.

The improvements i could think of are;

  • For the waki, make the actual cursor a few tiles to the left, whilst still aiming at the initial cursor’s place. so you dont notice anything, but if you want to fire the waki and would have gotten stuck in the wall, instead it doesnt activate and safes you the mp cost. (black tiles and walls kinds of not activating)

  • For the sheat, make the teleporting just like trickster, able to where ever in range, and increase the range slightly so evasive manouvering is also a possibility. (and maybe up the damage a bit)


Regarding the Pet Yard, i really like the new U.I. And skin features. The only change I can recommend is moving the “Upgrade Pet Yard” button to somewhere where it can actually be noriced. Took me a solid 3 minutes to find it, even with the toolrips and question board. Even if the location remains the same, maybe make the button bigger? It’s really small.


anything i can do about people stealing my name in testing or hmm??? seems like it shouldn’t be possible to take names of streamers/youtubers considering kalle got banned for impersonating himself before hmmmm




this is funny


Seems cool, might check it out!






Where the admins at though so we can test this thing to the full capabilities.


dont feed the pet doesnt work!!!

i just loose 10k feed


I’m stuck permanently on a loading screen.


I dunno if this is happening to anyone, but it’s my first time trying out testing and for some reason it’s not letting me log in, although it works fine on the normal client.


uh how come all the new characters I make dont start out at 6/8??? they now start out with just the basic t0 weapons and as lvl 1…


You have to make a new account for the testing server.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Just wasn’t meant to be.


but what was the point in changing it back to lvl 1 with no gear?


I do not know. I feel like the testing server should feature a max feature for everyone and allow some spawning in the ghalls.


how did you get those items