Public Testing #7 - Status: Closed


Status: Closed

Note: web link has updated from to, though it’s not yet working, use instead!


If you make a new account, don’t forget that you have to verify the email just like you would on prod.

  • Mystery Boxes (per account limits may apply)
    • Item: SuperFame, which grants 20000 base fame to supply pet needs.
    • Item: Feed, which has 50000 feed power.
    • Humanoid pet eggs.

Latest session - Tuesday, June 26th -> Wednesday, June 27th - pre-release test:

Previous session - Tuesday, June 19th -> Friday, June 22nd - subjects:

Testing servers

New class? :woke:


Commenting so I can say i was here


this is amazing


the descs for the new abilites are broken


the gifts gave me a key for the perma test dungeon



neat as well


Evil Guill next enemy confirmed (jk)


Using the above with Flash Projector but can’t get into the game. I’ve created a ‘???1’ char, but with it or my existing chars I connect to the nexus but get dumped out to the char select screen again, before the nexus has even faded up.


I might just be bad at it, but i don’t like the ability. It feels inconsistent because of how the direction is based on camera rotation, in a way. It is also impossible to use efficiently in hallways, where the shots start outside of the map/inside the wall. It is possible to use it in hallways, but you would have to point left/right to your character, rendering your Katana useless. In my opinion it is just a much worse version of the wizard’s spell


Currently there is an issue with the EUWT1 server. try switching to US or any other server


New rare humanoid pet skin looks similar to my pfp (but still different)
I really want one now


my screen is stuck in loading… how do i fix it?


I am not a fan of the new “bounty” UI change


Is it just me or are pets super small now




Also wtf is that animation when you get a new quest ;-;


Deca no


They are smaller, Deca said they were playing around with making sprite sizes consistent based on their level (common, uncommon,…, divine).


Looks like the free fame item didn’t actually give me any fame and just disappeared from my bank.


i cant upgrade pet yard?