Ragdoll Effect Is Recruiting


Guild name is Ragdoll Effects
We currently do not have a main server and arent big enough to get one yet.

Time Zone is EST
English Primary
Must Join Discord
Have knowledge of most end game dungeons
Inactivity kick is 3 or more days!
Red Star and +
No White Stars allowed stay out :eyes:

How to apply:
Message Leader/Founder in-game or via RealmEye messages?

*** More Requirements may be changed at a later time***


zomg racist ?!?!!!


To be fair, white stars can act as bad as classic red stars too XD (Really any star can do that, but… yeah, red and white…)


Im in the guild and tomorrow were doing a guild key chain but we need more members!


Yo I would like to join if you are still recruiting, but if I go on vacation I will likely be inactive for a couple days, so if I let you know would I be able to not get kicked?