Ranking the classes based on how fun they are to play


Am I doing this again? Yes.
Am I an idiot for attempting to do this again? Yes.

Although this time it’s not about how good or useful the classes are, this time my rankings are based solely on how fun I think the classes are to play
I will be grading them on a scale from 0-5 (0 meaning that I never play it)

tl;dr This is a list over how fun I think the classes are to play, not how good they are!^^

5: Huntress, Rogue, Mystic

Huntress:I think that Huntress is heavily underestimated, it’s so satisfying bundling together gods and slowing them all ^^
Rogue:Who doesn’t love a successful rush? I know I do, especially if you take all the right turns

Mystic: It’s fairly easy to rush on a Mystic aswell and you get that sweet berserk

4: Ninja, Paladin, Necromancer, Archer

Ninja: He’s so fast! You can get anywhere anytime. Plus pierce is awesome

Paladin: I like his dps and I generally feel like a good person for playing him because you help out other players while still helping yourself

Necromancer: Necromancer has always been above both Wizard and Priest to me, you’re almost invincible

Archer: Paralyze is a very awesome ability to have, especially in ice tombs, anyone?

3: Wizard, Sorcerer

Wizard: Whenever I play Wizard it feels kinda grindy sadly, because otherwise he’s a fun class and hitting that perfect spell bomb with sound on is better than sex

Sorcerer: Sorcerer+fulmi = Yes.

2: Warrior

He’s like Wizard but worse, I feel like I’m on a grind whenever I play him and to me he’s just not fun

1: Trickster

Trickster can be somewhat amusing to play, if you’re good that is :smirk:

0: Priest, Knight

Priest: I feel like he’s the slowest class in the game and I hate that, I always stay in the back holding off because I want to help my team with heals but that means that I don’t get any enjoyment out of it, if helping your team is your thing then I get it but it’s not for me

Knight: Some people must think that Knight is my favorite class by now because I said that he was useful but it’s quite on the contrary, to me he’s the most grindy class in the game it’s so monotonous to play knight. Go here kill that, go there kill this. Not my style

So that was my list on how fun the classes are, prolly shocked some ppl ^^

Anyways would love to read what u guys think :slight_smile:


hey i think knights fun to play because everything dies and u get out alive. also i think trickster is much funner than 1, but your opinion.

nice list my dude

hell yea paden


When I saw trickster at 1, I immediately stopped reading even if this is your opinion lol


I agree! Trickster is one of the “more unique” classes in my opinion, and it takes a long time to really get the hang of it. I know I haven’t! I love the challenge and potential of it, and watching truly skilled player use the class is just awesome.


warioor sucks withoit jugg so ya mayb e think about that next time what good is character that DOesnt live


Lol what?


Haven’t we had this discussion a couple of times? Warrior sans Jugg doesn’t suck. Jugg makes warrior insanely tanky, but throwing a juggless warrior out because anything with less than 148 def is underpowered isn’t a logical argument. Your argument simply shows inexperience with dodging (something you have to do every now and then in this game), and a concept which tiered helms make even easier with speedy. But don’t just take this from me. Take it from this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLF89osaA7w


Where’s Assassin?


Clearly assassin is unrankable. My sin feels sad now.
image Just look at those eyes, staring sadly off into the distance, all hope having just left his body.

  1. Huntress ,wizard, sorc

They’re ability to quickly clear leaves me with a strange satisfication.
Ecspecially huntress. A ill equipped huntress can still do everything and easily steal loot without feeling uselss because it actually helps out the group with it’s slow.

  1. Knight, Paladin, Assasin

Love Knight and Paladin’s abilities to run through everything. It’s great. Paladin may have a slight problem but it’s great ability makes it one of my favorite classes.
Assasin is just fun to just play with. It’s poison is really fun though it kind of sucks at times.

  1. Ninja, Trickster, Mystic, priest

Love fucking around with their abilities. They’re just really fun.
Without good gear, priest kind of sucks but I love the speedy on t6 and geb’s tome. If you choose to stop playing priest as support, it gets a lot more fun.

  1. Archer

Lots of potential but my lack of accuracy ruins the fun

  1. Warrior

It used to be one of my favorite classes but it’s just not that fun.

  1. Necromancer, Rouge

I just hate these classes for some reason. I dislike rouge because rouge dislikes me. Same with necro. For some reason, I just ca’t enjoyably play the class.


fucking stop

Necromancer is great


Didn’t know they added a new class, ‘red’.


Locked and loaded

Makeup is the best class, though


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I don’t want to make a full ranking list rn but I will say that I get pretty bored with knight, priest, wizzy, assassin, and maybe pally a tad bit. The classes that I find more exciting are Trickster when it’s 6/8, Warrior just doesn’t get boring to me. Mystic is great fun, and archer is just my favorite period. Rogue is the most fun if I have tomb keys or something like that, but without those I never really play on him.


For my personal favorites…

  1. Wizard, Rogue

Rogues are adrenaline junkies and rushing in itself is just really fun, it takes a lot of concentration and skill.
Wizard is a glass cannon and he’s really fun to play as trying to land perfect spellbombs and dishing out massive damage.

Unfortunately both are really squishy and die easily…

  1. Necromancer

He heals, he kills, and he’s edgy. This class has carried me so far and I can’t betray him. The sincere golden eyes to the long robes, besides that it’s fun being a wizard priest hybrid. With not much care about survival it’s also fun.

  1. Priest/Sorc

Even though he’s one of my favorites, he’s not my first pick when I want to play Realm. Fun in shatters and other situations where survival is key… But, besides that. I hate barely clipping enemies with my already weak magic spoon.

As for sorc, I’m working on building him. Using high damaging lightning sounds fun but I’ve yet to experience it…

  1. Everyone else

My favorites are there for a reason, just never really got around to enjoying the other classes. I guess it’s just my playstyle. In other RPGs I’m usually taking a magic/healer role anyway, makes sense.


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not MY fault u cannot handle my facts …


This is my warrior. Note that he does not have Jugg. Also note that even if I did have Jugg, I would have still died. If I’m able to go 6/8, without this “god tier” ability, don’t you think that would warrior is good enough? Do you really need to see the world’s best juggless warrior to see you’re wrong?

Can I also ask how THIS

Relates to THIS

In any way?


Agree with you for the most part but priest is super fun, you just need to get a UT tome. prot and become a ranged knight or get a geb tome or puri, go in a lost halls or something and start saving people lol


…and so began World War III.
Seriously though. Claims are nothing without backup evidence. I have yet to see any for your side.