Realm broken! [Stuck on Loading Screen]


Im currently stuck in the use4 loading screen and there’s no way to get out of it, deca doesn’t have a system were i can swap servers while in the menu, it keeps saying existing connection was forcibly closed. not sure if its my pc or something but i cannot get out of this.

Rotmg exalt steam infinite loading screen, can't even open game

This is a common issue. Try using this tool!


Thanks! was really sketchy at first like i am with all my stuff but it worked, thanks!


It’s approved by the official RotMG Discord. Wasn’t made by me. Made by Tiffit, one of the moderators there.


Wow, to be honest I didn’t believe you at first,
but I was desperate and tried it anyway.
My computer blocked the program,
but when I ran it anyway it worked.
Thanks man!


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