Realm Rework Suggestion for Unity


So, I think that there are many small problems that ROTMG has that can easily be fixed.

Class Fixes:

With the nerf of the meeles, it’s time for the other classes to have part of the spotlight!

Sorc – Buff overall, add a charging mechanic that buffs group (wis, etc) and drains mp like a ninja. There will be a bar, which when full will deal massive chain lightning damage (I’m thinking along the lines of 4 sec for 4k damage.)

Assassin – Give the poison a status effect. Assassin is one of the least useful team players, and would benefit from this greatly. Ideas: Weakness, etc. Also, switch trix atk with assassin because trix is too op.

Samurai – Rework exposed. Maybe make it stackable until 10, like Exposed 10, with each level reducing enemy defense by 5. (Start at 15+5? Exposed formula: 15 + (Exposed level * 5) Each exposed has its own duration, so it can go from exposed 0 to exposed 10 instantly and back to exposed 0, or exposed 0 to 1 and 2, and back to 1 and 0. This will make samurais more effective in groups.

Ninja -Give it a new buff: While holding down key, buff group speed by 5. THIS IS NOT A LARGE AMOUNT OF SPEED!!! Stacks with other ninjas in a manner similar to Christmas consumables. Make it start from T3 shuriken or above, but cannot be mhealed and 15 MP/sec. This way, T0 shuriken gains a niche similar to the T0 decoy.

Add 3 more classes, for a grand total of 18. One katana class, one bow class, and one wand class. This will make it so that each weapon has 3 classes that can utilize it, making for a more “balanced” game.

Enemy Changes:

The power of the group is still to strong. HP scaling has to be increased. Eg, Void Entity 400,000 HP + 40% (just a suggestion, can be changed to 30% or anything, just increase hp scaling) for every player. This will balance out the buffs in the previous section.

New Content:

Not your general new content, but something game-changing, like elder realm. So not just some new dungeon or st set.

Edits made 6/23


Also reduces the point of soloing stuff as samurai?

You also gotta specify how long the debuff will last until the stacks reset.

This ruins the whole point of ninja.

As ninja being my 2~3rd most favorite class in the game, it doesn’t make any sense that you would want to get rid of its high risk high reward playstyle by Reducing DPS? Hell no.

Ninja’s shouldn’t buff group speed. Does ninjas from other games makes everyone faster? If you count Sivir from league of legends as a ninja, sure. sad Frisbee noises

Actually, NOBODY should be able to buff/change group speed in bullet hell games.
Pretty much self explanatory so I’ll skip this part.

Perma-speedy ninja is fine. If you don’t like it or want it to get changed, just ask DECA to get rid of pets or something.
Which, they won’t listen anyways.


400,000 x 0.4 = 160,000

160,000 x 10 = 1,600,000
160,000 x 100 = 16,000,000

Void entity has 60 def, armored when moving to middle.

85 players would mean void entity would have 14,000,000 HP.

Average warriors would have ~8450 DPS against void entity, say you got full group of this warrior and like 2~3 paladins for damaging.

Group DPS will be roughly 700,000, judging by the fact that Everyone is extremely experienced player with Pretty rare gear, and that they can last almost all of their shots. Keep in mind this DPS will be, in fact, WAY lower in real life situation due to adds and failing to aim/crossing.

So, let’s say a good group. 500,000 DPS.
28 seconds of DPS. Woohoo!
Come on, void entity always goes to middle and fucks up our time.
And jesus christ, RotMG players can’t aim for jackshit when he goes sanic!

Wait, this was no-priest run?
Welp, let’s tone it down to something like 1 minute 30 sec.

Who cares really? Adding more HP doesn’t even make the fight harder/easier, it just gets more tedious and boring as the mob HP goes higher. We are here to play Realm of the Mad God, not some shitty Void Entity Clicker grind RPG, I would say yes for adding more phases, taking more damage, but this?

Ah shit, here we go again.


Would this essentially work like a forced cooldown for scepter uses, while compensating by adding a group buff? Would there still be scepters that do not this and just stay the same as we have now- direct damage on use? Does 4 seconds for 4k damage mean total damage or does it mean it would be a stronger dev scepter? The idea of buffs is interesting, though I’d want to know more about the exact mechanics. Right now it just seems like it would be a scholar seal with damage at the end.

No one thinks the assassin UT cursing is useful, and similarly necro cult skull, because mystic already does that. Players also seem to be generally wary of giving poisons more status effects, including weakness, because stuff like that seems too powerful. I don’t understand why monster weak is overpowered when it’s only a 10% damage reduction, but this is something that would probably require convincing the player base more considering past reactions.

As said earlier, this also nerfs solo samurai. Possibly have it have start at -20 def still, then starting at lvl 5 it removes 5 more def down to 50? Or possibly allow each use to reset the length of effect for all stacks so a solo samurai can build it up also.

I don’t want this though. Forcing other players to have to adapt to a different speed without their input seems extremely dangerous to them, even if 5 speed from one ninja is quite small, but with multiple it could really throw people off.


While holding down key, buff group speed by 5.

You must not have been around for the days that the warrior buff gave speedy to everyone. It was hilarious but also sucked when you happened to be speedy buffed into an enemy because you did not know that it was coming. They removed it years ago due to complaints from the community. I know that I personally don’t want it back. They killed my characters :C


But why? Already a void bow archer deals more dps than a ninja with more range and quiver is better ability than the star (you have various quivers from dps to speedy ones).


5 speed is more of a small buff, very unoticeable, as compared to the warrior, which give 1.5x speed to the group.


Sorc— hell yeah
Sin— I think slow would be fitting for tiered poisons, but for a lesser duration than a trap.
Samurai— meh, it does make it better with more players, but its terrible in solo play.
Ninja— group speedy is a definite no. People dont want to rush into projectiles all of a sudden with no control over when the buff starts and how long it lasts.


Assassin really needs its own special debuff to remain useful in a group. Also, I did mention weakness as an example.


Oh god.

So you mean the stacks of exposed is dependent on waki?
Well, Exposed on its own should Not stack, and the timer on Exposed should reset when re-hit with a waki while adding an additional stack if you decide to make Wakis stackable.

I said this in roughly 6 posts so far, and nobody ever understands.
ALL THE OTHER DAGGER CLASSES EXCLUDING ASSASSIN CAN’T DO CONSTANT DAMAGE WITH THEIR ABILITY. (fuck dire insta. I don’t even want to bother aiming that shit again and going down to 27 hp in void EVER again.)
See, Trix does have 75 attack because :

  1. She can’t DPS safely like Rogue(invis, not targeted) nor Assassin (Poison range)
  2. Usually involves a bit more skill requiring plays compared to other 2 dagger classes. Instead of just press space bar -> go in tactic, you actually have to Aim decoys precisely, don’t fuck up teleport, and know when to go in/out.

Even with 75 attack, Trickster is easily outdamaged on most wrong hands. Just because it is Theoretically the best Doesn’t fucking mean it have to be nerfed to the ground. With this logic, Why don’t you remove Colo sword from the game? Oh yeah, just get rid of all top DPS weapons that requires you to get close?

You see, I get some part of this. “Who cares? RotMG doesn’t instantly kill you with one hit, and speed will be nice, right?”
Well, imagine getting hit by O2 weak just because a retarded ninja speed buffed you, when you calculated exactly where it wouldn’t hit and tried to move there. RotMG doesn’t instantly kill you with one hit? This makes me instantly die in real life.
Oh god, time to quit ninja!

Any change in speed will fuck teams up in games like this, especially in a perma-death game.
Guess I can’t skip explaining the obvious thanks to people who doesn’t get anything.

I mean, as I personally said in my post, I won’t care if this got added, but it just makes the gameplay more boring.

See, You are right on some part with this.
Some dungeons that gets steamrolled too easily does need more HP scaling. Shatters, for example. Fucking bosses all get steamrolled, skip all the phases on third boss, Jesus christ, ‘endgame btw lel xd’.

This, I completely agree. Lazy ass DECA is busy making more shitty reskins and adding shitty bonus over them and that’s it. Useless whites and useless dungeons. Please deca.


I’d say default answer: prefer not to see large reworks on existing classes but use those new ideas for what the new class abilities will be, and I hope your 3rd katana class will wear a robe since that also balances the katana classes in the other axis with one of each armour. :slight_smile: So:
a class that buffs while you hold the charge then release does an attack
a class that having more of them around makes them as a group more effective
both fine starting points for classes.

Though I’m also surely biased against changes since sorcerer and assassin are two of my favourites.

Party SPD buff flat nope though.
& can’t really just throw in ‘Elder Realms’ without defining since it’s one of those things that means different things to different people.


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