RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]


I’m fine with a new thread for that. But I suspect some people may cry “white bag thread”. I say fire away and we’ll see how it goes.


This is the only thread I made I actually care about at this point

@doc How did you join the forums on the 5th of August when the forums launched on the 16th? Also how come none of the other mods joined on the 5th?


Same as video games: it’s the difference between alpha/beta launch and full public release.


RMG’s answer is a pretty good analogy. The RealmEye folks had us join up and test things out, sort out the structure, get things going, etc. I think everyone involved did a pretty good job for a week and a half, not including however much work the RealmEye folks did before that.

I think it’s because Doc led the charge, so to speak, on reaching out to RealmEye for a new home for the community (because reddit ≠ a forum), and since he always idles/idled on the IRC, it the easiest way to contact the RealmEye folks. Or, if I’m mis-remembering and it was actually the RealmEye folks that reached out to us, then it was probably because Doc always idles/idled in the IRC and was therefore easiest of the Mod Squad to get in contact with.

One of the two.


-sniff- :frowning:

Seriously, though, MrEyeball contacted Doc first, and he got the basics up and running before he invited the rest of the mods in.


^ What they said.

Basically went down like this:

Me: yo, realmeye, how bout some forums?
… weeks pass …
MrEyeball: here ya go
Me: sweet! Can I bring the others back on board?
MrEyeball: sure

The rest is history.


@Doc @OtherBill
did you watch the champions league game last weekend?


No for me. I’m not into major league sports. At best i’m a casual fan of the Cubs thanks to my family history.




@moderators what is your favorite thread on this forum



This one:


xD. I don’t think non regulars can see that


Well shoot. Open the link in a new tab. Hey forum: stop making me look dumb when i’m trying to be clever!


The Forum Rules and guidlines
Nice touch :wink:


I don’t really have a favorite thread, but if I had to choose, I’d say this thread. It’d be a easy favorite if people asked more/better questions.

I do, however, have a favorite post.


@moderators how come when people are permabanned it’s only until 2044? Is that when a lease on the domain name expires?
######also why did starlias get a ban, a url is not very specific.


It’s means for his forum activity in general.

Also what the hell kinda lease do you think last till 2044.

No its 9999 days


It’s means for his forum activity in general.

Yeah what was so bad about it


Discourse doesn’t really feature a “permaban”, so we have to specify a number of days for the ban duration. “10000” is easy to type.


You’ll have to talk to him about that, sorry…


let me see…
attention-whoring, flaming everyone who didn’t kiss his ass, wildly attacking people who did nothing at all, hopelessly derailing about 70% of threads he posted in, the list goes on.

that good enough for you?