RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]


and make sure they arent cut into pieces


I like pin apple pepperoni pizza… pineapple is ok


uh, who’s paxrat


moderators dont drink water out of the toilet
is this not a common thing


look up the definition of toxic


sounds like someone fun


A very angry man


first opportunity i get to get one of these, i’m doin it



@doc Why do you not play the game anymore?



How would you cook a potato? Specifically, a russet potato, medium size. Give or take 7 potatoes. Potato.



When are we going to open an engineering firm together


Wash/dry, rub with oil/butter, salt, bake at 425° for 45 minutes to an hour.


That depends on what you bring to the table, of course.


more chicken, less salt!


I’ve tried that recipe before. Really good, would recomend.


The second best engineer in my country. A bold statement perhaps but true I assure you

I’ll start on the company logo


@doc what words of wisdom would you bestow upon a fledgling bird, finally attempting to fly on the wings of the wind from his mother’s warm and comforting nest?


Wow just read through the whole thread, quite entertaining to say the least.


@otherbill thoughts on the sensation of punching an orange with your bare hands?


Don’t look down.