Realmeye PPE competitions


The competition has started but one more signup slot still remains - to be paired with a prestegious member of the competition - the earlier the signup the better!

GROUP ONE: Ecookied - Humanmoose
GROUP TWO: Redox - Four
GROUP THREE: Candyshi - RyanYoon(edited)
GROUP FIVE: Skyslurp - SaknisJr
GROUP SIX: Diamondest - Cerebros
GROUP SEVEN: Fluffegan - Campfire
GROUP EIGHT: HorusKane and orsome
GROUP nine: Invent and _________

last slot! Last chance to sign up! sign up as fast as possible guys!

AKLDragon PPE Thread

Point system document for competition






White bags

are good

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Nothing to see here

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would love doing this but i’m having such a hard load of work and my 2 weeks vacations are like 11 days from now, cant be sure i can play during these 11 days. rip


this thing is going to last for months bby, its alright, slow and steady wins the race - if none of us can really play in the next couple of weeks cause of finals, so it’s all fine.


This looks fun

I need to find a teammate tho


I’m usually terrible with ppe luck but this actually sounds really entertaining and fun! The only bad part is that uh… I can only play every other weekend…


The people signup first, then the teamates are decided withjin a discord spam channel - where everybody is invited!


Like what, 24 hours every 2 weeks or like 2 hours every 2 weeks?


Every other weekend on Friday I go to my mom’s, and I stay there until Sunday night. (PST btw) but the catch is that I just got a job and my hours are from 5:00pm to closing, which is 11:30-12:30.

edit: Forgot to add, sleep isn’t the problem for me, but I’m too caught up in other stuff now that I’m losing characters in the way that I have been in realm.


Sky, you gonna reply with ur time zone time you will play per day and the class you want - it is important.


Well then… maybe later?


Hopefully, yeah. Unless there’s someone who’s willing to be a teammate with someone who can’t play that often. If it makes it any better I’ll usually play games the whole time I’m there, almost literally.


Alright, I’ll ping you when I find a perfect match,


Uh not interested.


Why do you scare me like that jesus christ


I’m just getting home but gotta :shower:


Oh it doesnt start until like 23 hours later


Wdym. Hehehe