Reconstruction Teasers


reconstruction literally brought in bigger bugs and emptier servers.


The moving water in the new sewer makes me nauseous. Other than that, awesome stuff!


You can have software development with new bugs, or you can have a finished product with no updates, but you can’t have both.

Funny, cause I noticed the opposite during reconstruction.


uswest doesn’t have full realms anymore at any time of the day, whereas before it had one or two 85/85 realms during the daytime and evening, and uswest3 is seldom “crowded”, when it used to be crowded 24/7

here’s a link for reference: The Farewell Thread

that was my home server, uswest, during the afternoon, when it’s usually crowded (2-3x the amount of people in that screenshot)

same w/ the trading section of uswest3… it used to be double if not triple the size of this screenshot i just took

i can actually read the people’s names under their characters and i can actually read each and every individual trade offer text bubbles :sweat_smile: (eight text bubbles O_O)


not the dungeon update


I’ve noticed this too- my once full home server USMW has turned into a ghost town. Migrated over to USMW2 but I’ve noticed when I hop servers a majority of them are dead. IDK if it is something I just never noticed before or if players are indeed quitting.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to reconstruction. Breathes new life into the game for me


OI don’t know… I’ve still had times where I’ve had to wait in a queue to get into the trading server, even today. What I did notice was that our people seemed to be in the realms themselves instead of merching. As for the other servers, they seem to randomly get more full and empty depending on the time of day, including servers not normally known for mass popping.


That’s a lie, literally went to us west yesterday with guildies and we had to wait in a queue to get in any realm.


I wouldn’t say updates or reconstruction caused emptier servers. In my opinion people just don’t want to play in a realm when they could do more endgame dungeons (mainly exalt dungeons). I know this is my case, as I basically only touch a realm if I want to run o3.

This leads to another assumption that I have, which is that more and more players are getting better at the game. The players who once played in realms now can do endgame dungeons, and there isn’t a steady influx of new players to replace the now older players. Or I’m just wrong; this is just my assumption


uswest3 has spikes. If you take the time to stay there for a bit, you will notice that sometimes there are just stupid amounts of people and the nexus is filled with text bubbles. And then they finish trading and leave and there’s no one again. Still nothing like its former size


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I for one keep getting discouraged from playing whenever I see the new “artwork”.

At least I could still have my reprieve by playing in the realm instead of new dungeons but now with the new spriting rework even that has been taken from me. From what I can see I’m definitely a minority but for me, the new sprites look absolutely horrid. In trying to make Realm more attractive to new, younger audiences they are making it generic which makes it lose its soul.

Indie games don’t thrive by looking the same as every other (mobile) game out there, they work because they’re different. For me, Realm is getting more boring by the day simply because it looks like a one-in-a-dime game now. It used to be so that RotMG chose to be a pixelated game and that was a conscious decision. Now it seems like Deca is trying to make it NOT look like a pixelated game in a world that is made up out of very few, big pixels. Much respect for the artists that work on making all the artwork, I could never do that but frankly, I feel like it is a clash of two worlds that comes together as a grotesque form.

Tldr: The artists of realm are great and could do great things in other projects, Realm needs to decide what it wants to be and if it decides to be cookie-cutter, I don’t see a very bright future for it.


Minority, but not alone. Those godland sprites teased a while back looked terrible imo. I was glad to see only the White Demon INSIDE the Abyss was changed with the following update.


Idk, I really like the new artworks, especially the swarm tree!!


That’s a valid point I’ve sometimes wondered myself. I don’t hate the devs for all the new art and mechanics (although I will miss the current Medusa god sprite; I don’t like the new one as much), but modernizing the game is slowly dragging it towards what other games are currently doing, further encouraged by changes to old deliberate systems, like the exp distribution and such. It seems new and shiny for those who have been at the game for a while, but…

Now, on the other side of the coin, it’s fairly obvious that many of the old systems aren’t well received by the masses, though they are nostalgic for those of us who have been around a while and were the reason some of us joined the game, fewer and fewer people share that same sentiment who haven’t quit the game already.

I believe the devs are still moving in the correct direction, as trying to preserve the past would, unfortunately help seal the destruction of the game entirely, but it is a homogenous mixture of sorrow and pleasure, woe and (cautious) optimism.




maybe mine is also an unpopular opinion but i actually greatly dislike realm’s old artstyle. At least I know what I’m looking at with the updated artworks.

I’m very glad to see the godlands being changed, but the sewers floor tiles look kind of bland if I’m being honest. Maybe it’s the amount of solid colour being used. Otherwise I’m looking forward to the next reconstruction.


what I think might be a good idea, is to have like, lets say, a ~1-5% for the original artworks/behaviors to spawn when, for example entering a snake pit (keys would only open the new version [because they cost money and, for some people it might be a disapointment to enter the old version of a dungeon, especially if you spent money on it] but regular dungeons you find in the realm, would have that ~1-5% chance to be their old versions.


Like with Arachna?
That’d be cool for legacy dungeons to drop sometimes, I could get on board with that


or just have texture packs