The Farewell Thread


idk tho forums b fun


I never formally left, so I felt like I should. I’ve had some good moments, some not so good moments on ROTMG. I spent a good portion of my life on this game, and at some point I lost interest. I’m not sure if any of you will miss me, and that is okay. New friends always come along the way in many different places. Also if I do ever pop back onto this game and you see me, I have a lot of things that I won’t be using such as Fairy plates and Decas. I don’t know if they still hold any value but if you see me on, then I won’t mind giving you one.

Also, I’m sorry for any problems I caused and I hope you can forgive me if not then I don’t blame you. :kissing_heart: I love you all. Stay safe and healthy,

Its been a nice journey…
~ DivineOryx


good luck wherever life takes you!


I know that you’ve been on unpleasant terms with other forumers before, but whenever I saw you in game you were always nice, so have a good one!


i will for sure miss seeing you on forums. take care!! :slight_smile:


just ran into a random, and he pm’d me this

farewell, i guess

Did Deca do something? AMD graphics card
Reconstruction Teasers

Ok wut? I just told you what I’ve been experiencing lol. Are you experiencing the same things? Deca will probably fix this soon. But I definitely do agree with you though. This trend has been going on for a while, and playing with consistent bugs is pretty tedious. They should really just take it slowly .-.


no no, i ran into your thread AFTER i was done playing… i screenshotted that to post in farewells thread, then saw YOUR thread

I wasn’t aware about this stuff until today… i also saw that reddit post that a lot of people are actually experiencing the same things to the point where the game is literally unplayable, and it makes me sad.


I love how my 4th most liked comment ever was the one where i said I was going to leave for 3 weeks


Welcome maybe back


eh kinda sorta back. I’m not going to be on very much now, and I don’t expect to get back regular


We’ve been missing you Dbiz!


I’m a bit late on this but best of luck to your future endeavors! I’ll always remember you as one of the OG realmeyers.


Ngl this thread is so sad to read :pensive:


I know, right? I read about these people so often in older posts, and this thread is a glaring reminder that they have moved on. Seeing them back in the day post those as an anonymous user, now knowing I could have literally joined this forum from the day it launched saddens me more.

I think another forumer expressed that they wish that they could respond to a number of old posts, with missed witty responses, questions, or congratulations. I too feel that way. And, the thing with the most relevance: I’ve read many of the posts of the og forumers here, and I have to remind myself that a lot of you here have changed over the years. You are different people now.


why did you scare me like that :angry:

I saw that the most recent post was yours and I thought you had left


Haha, nah hopefully I am not leaving any time soon. Before I leave I at the very least want to achieve the one goal I have been working towards since the beginning, getting all my character slots filled with an 8/8.


This post has been coming for a while.

Excluding the one last topic post I will make, this will be my last post on the forums.

After 4000+ hours, hundreds of LH whites and 150+ 8/8’s(most are dead), I have finally decided to quit this game.

This game isn’t really fun for me anymore; It’s become a pointless grind and there are no goals left for me to achieve.

My lack of enjoyment in the game is also largely attributed to three factors: the growing toxicity of the community, the many glitches that still exist in the game, and the updates Deca has made.

I. Community
As time grew on, the community became more and more toxic. 90% of the time I would enter Oryx’s Castle(in a public realm), I would always see some white/yellow star arguing with a lower ranked player(such as a red or blue star). The higher ranking player would always flaunt his rank as if it held any amount of prejudice. I see more and more people insulting rather than helping newer players these days and it really makes me sad as I still can remember the time I was given a t8 wand and a t4 tome 6 years ago and I always try to help newer players that are struggling. An act of kindness can leave a lasting and positive impact.

II. The Glitches
Before I talk about the glitches, I have to give a lot of respect for Deca for being able to deal with old code and for also for recoding the game from Flash Player to Unity. That takes a lot of time and effort. But there still are a lot of glitches in this game, and I acknowledge that sometimes (Deca)they may try to release updates as soon as possible because of the pressure they can face from the community. As a programmer myself, I know what its like working to finish code under a deadline and under pressure, but I think anyone would prefer a delay in an update release to deal with bugs. To this day there are still a lot of aggravating UI bugs in both the vault and the chat itself. Some examples would be (from my experience) not being able to adequately store and retrieve items from the vault itself, and not being able to directly drink potions out of the potion vault.
(video of one of the five glitches that happen to me frequently in the vault)

III.Deca’s Updates
I really do not like the majority of updates Deca has made to the game. One specific example I will mention would be the release of O3.

I do enjoy that the O3 Sanctuary is challenging and really emphasizes the ‘bullet-hell MMO’ that ROTMG is, however, one thing I don’t agree with is the rune system.

The endgame was already discord reliant, but the O3 Rune System (and exaltations) made it even more so. It’s hard for a public realm to have people that have all 3 runes to open Sanctuary to begin with and it didn’t help that discords and private groups have been CLAIMING PUBLIC fcking REALMS as their own exclusive property. I had to switch servers THREE times when I was killing cubes on the beach for white star because ‘I was crashing their run’ and if I didn’t ‘I would be put on their list or suspended’.

I get that there are trackers, but those have always existed and Deca does not take much action toward them. There’s always been trackers even when I started playing 6 years ago(event notifiers), but a group/discord trying to kicking someone out of a public realm when the people in the realm(that were there before the group/discord) are trying to get Doer of Deeds or are hunting event whites in a small realm is not acceptable at all.

Public realms are open to all, they are not property that can be claimed exclusively for a group… the entire basis of the rune system not only makes O3 exclusive to discords, but also ruins the teamwork aspect that realm once had and has made the community more toxic in general.

Big text wall thanks for coming to my ted talk
Ho ho ho ha ha, ho ho ho he ha. Hello there, old chum. I’m gnot an elf. I’m gnot a goblin. I’m a gnome. And you’ve been, GNOMED

Before I go, I want to answer a question I get asked at least twice per day.
‘Did you name yourself Kageboshi before it came out?’

No, I named myself the item the first day that the ‘first wing’ of Mountain Temple came out(Apr 2017). Chose the name because it sounded cool and had an aesthetic item sprite. I don’t understand why Deca made Kageboshi an event white or didn’t buff it(given that I see more people die in Jade and Garnet Statues than any other event) but I guess technically I named myself after an event white before it become an event white.

Overall Deca is an amazing company: they got rid of multiboxers, create new content through dungeons or ST’s, they listen to and help the community; they have done a ton of great work on the game and I although I may not always agree with the changes they made, they will always have my respect.

I’ve enjoyed my time here both on the forums and on realm, and I’ve met some really amazing people and created a lot of memories.

I wish you all the best of health and hope you all have an amazing future <3



Never really got to know you know you, but I always saw you post on threads that were asking questions (some of which were my own) with nice answers and spread your knowledge onto other players. I will miss you kage, though I do understand why you quit.
Wishing you the best!


Massive text wall, bear with me.

I still have a long road to go, I am yet to complete a successful MBC solo (I am one of the solo players who want to prove the Discord-reliant Realmers that you don’t need Raid Discord to complete one).

Side note, I always wanted to complete LH raid since I was a noob (as it is my favorite endgame dungeon <3). I did that a while back (with my ex-guild Create Story) but not satisfied enough.

Hope you are not talking about me because I have no intention of bickering with lower stars/newer players.

I myself, gave new players old tops and advices what (not) to do. Hear me out, I am not against new players but when they beg for something, it gets me annoyed but at the same time, my sense of morality tells me to help them (yes it did happen).

I can recall when I was a noob, I never begged and some random dudes gave me old tops. Now, it’s my turn to help out rookie players when they need (as long as they don’t beg, die and beg again).

Wait, I didn’t know you are a programmer until now. But yes I have to agree, vault slot not loading is one of the issue, not-so-significant but still can be annoying. And placing potions to the potion storage is still bugged sometime as well.

I myself used to complain about the fame rework but I have to deal with it. And yes, me and you shares the same thought about O3. May I also add that because of O3, Lives/Manas became less valuable.

I did notice that endgame, O3 and Exaltation render this whole thing so Discord-oriented. This is why I have no intention to Exalt my characters. I will avoid Raid Discords (and even if I decided to join one, I will never private my Realmeye location to defy their supremacy). Don’t care if there is a crasher to crash 'n ruin a run.

Oh yeah I heard of “Nah bois, this realm is ours, not yours, so get out.” case as well. Jesus Christ, what were they thinking? They jump from nowhere on a public realm and then they claim it’s theirs now is utter nonsense. Fucking Discord supremacist maggots, no public realm belongs just to one group of people. Host a private O3 run on a dead server.

If they say ‘I’m crashing their run’ and ‘I would be put on their list or suspended’, they can’t stop me (even though I do not use tracker). This is not like a LH run that you can boot crashers from the run. Speaking of that, there is another free tickets to O3 coming up and I expect a sharp increase of such behaviors from those Discords again.

Event notifier was tackled by giving 2 minutes of no-TP after switching to another server. However other type… hard to tackle NGL. But how the hell they can kick out players who were in a realm b4 Discord pops from nowhere though?

Just seeing how endgames relies so much on Discord makes me want to avoid them even more. I really glad the IC/OoC nerfed those overpowered Discords, although I do hear a friend of mine from RotMG reported that “Discord is still broken as fuck”.

It’s like people may questions me “Why do you name yourself PRCSakura?”, although not so frequently. Not going to say why here because doesn’t fit as a farewell thread, yet.

Speaking of Jade and Garnet Statues, I had a short burst of 2 7/8 deaths within 5 minutes couple days ago. The 2nd death was involved on picking up Dex pot from one of the slain Statue and my 7/8 Wizard got sat on its counterpart. Never do something like this kids, or it will happen to you.

I got my Kageboshi couple months ago but then I sacrificed it on UT forge for a DBow (I can’t really recall now). And it’s nothing better than a forge material because how underpowered it is (other than its piercing ability and couple miniscule bonuses).

As a Chinese RotMGer who spent over 1,000 USD to the game (mostly on vaults and character slots although I did spent them on unworthy items in the past), I would still criticize Deca on the ST mystery boxes. They are not worth your dollars (players threw their dollars on STs and then died) and what else? Not handling RWT bots effectively (but I do understand the difficulty to tackle them). Keys, event bosses that are only appears once per realm AND they are not guaranteed.

Overall though, I do agree with you that Deca made drastic changes like you mentioned and mostly, IC/OoC. And so do they receive respect from me.

What’s your next plan after quitting RotMG? Focusing on programming? Or what?