Recruiting for Hopeful!


Hopeful is a chill, anti-crash and anti-hack guild for endgame players. We do quick, high efficiency high o3’s fairly often and sometimes run guild dungeons together.


  • Language: Must speak English
  • Requirements: 75 provable o3 completes AND 15k base
  • Skills: Must be able to run all endgame dungeons with-out callouts.
  • Time zone: Any time-zone is fine. Mostly NA / EU guild.|
  • Anti-cheat, must not crash or track private oryx 3’s. Must be respectful and chill.

How to apply:
Send a screenshot to a Leader+ of proof that you meet requirements. We will poll you, and after 24 hours we will ask to hack-check you before you can join the guild! (Mummy#7043, Evaaan#5128, AuraZz#7995, Yawshi#5257)