Recruiting for LazyPoints (Low/Mid Casual)


Heya! This is a guild I made a while ago with the purpose of having new players in the game that just want a nice and active guild to join. Anyone who doesn’t understand the game, wants to help out other people, or just want to take advantage of the guild hall’s free mp/hp pots to not waste fame are welcome. I aim to be welcoming, respectful and helpful to the best of my abilities. My goal is to have a guild for those that may need help with realm stuff and those who wish to help.

The Guild Requirements, I guess:

  • Decency : Literally just basic human decency for starters.
  • Speak English : As much as I would love to have people that speak other languages, I’m not multilingual sadly. It’s ok if english isn’t your native language so long as what you’re saying is understandable.
  • The bare minimum of understanding when it comes to realm . As in, knowing what your controls do and what the nexus and realm are (That’s it). Your rank, experience, preferred class, etc dojn’t matter to me. This is a beginner oriented guild after all.
  • Skills : No real limit here, I don’t mind if you’re not skilled yet. Just don’t be a troll and put in some effort. Players of any skill level/ experience are welcome here.
  • No cheaters or scammers . On the topic of no-no’s: no inappropriate language that makes people uncomfortable (See first requirement.)
  • Time zone : I’m on at random times, and time difference doesn’t matter to me. Main server is USEast since that’s where I am most of the time. However if people join and the majority prefer another server, I will change it of course.
  • Contributions necessary : If you’re just joining for the free guild hp/mp pots, don’t worry about this one. If you want to be invested in the guild and make friends and help build a nice and helpful guild, then just put in some effort. The contributions are up to you entirely.

How to join:

If you have discord, you can join the guild’s server to join as well, as well as also being able to interact with us too, though don’t worry if you can’t or don’t want to, it’s not a requirement. Here it is:

Just message me or one of the leaders on realm (IGN: LazyPulse)(IGN: Olevander)(IGN: Ontiro) or on this post. If we get enough people and they’re in agreement, a discord server will be made to help be more active. If there are people who fit the requirements up above and are looking for a guild that fits this description, feel free to recommend them this guild as well!

By the way I realize I wasn’t quite on top of things so if you wish to join and have a discord, message my discord (EasyPulse#7808) and I will hopefully be ready and available to get on and invite you in that moment!

Note from the founder (AKA me): I hope people feel welcome in this guild and will be welcoming in turn. I don’t tolerate toxicity and I hope people will tell me if something in the guild could use some work. I’m on realm fairly often and it would be nice to have people to play with that aren’t focused on just doing endgame dungeons etc. At the end of the day I just want to have fun, and if this sounds like your cup of tea, I welcome you with open arms! Also I apologize if I wrote a lot, because looking at this text it seems like a lot.


Hi there! I’m a beginner who’s looking for a guild to play with, since nobody I know plays Realm. I’d love to join your guild if you’ll take me. As of yet I’ve only played a few different classes, but I have a good understanding of how the game works- I just need to build my skills. Thanks for putting out this forum post, by the way!


no problem! if you want feel free to send a message in game, or you could provide your ign and I’ll message you from there


Great! My IGN is Chimerabot. I’d tried to message you before, but it was giving me an error and I was pretty sure you were just offline. Thanks for the opportunity btw


Could I get your Discord tag, or alternatively, the times when you’re usually on? I’ve found it a bit hard to contact you outside of this forum so yeah


Are there still open spots? looking to join a guild. Have been playing for a couple months.


Looking to join a starter guild as well


Would you accept a relatively new player? I have 3 stars so far


yes i would love to have you


were open! would be happy to have you


i have you marked down as a friend. unfortunately we have missed each other by even minutes at times so im currently going to appoint a few temporary leaders to hopefully remedy that when im not on. sorry for the tardiness


Hey I’d like to join if you’re still recruiting I’ve been getting back into Rotmg and am look for people to just enjoy the game with my Ign Is Keeperinc and if you need my discord its Chewy#7105


I’d like to join if there’s room please let me know.


yes there is! if youre on now just message me (LazyPulse) and I’ll add you right away!


There is! I’m on now and can invite :slight_smile:


Heya there I was wondering if there are any spots open? I`d really like to make friends and play realm with them :).


yes there are spots open if youd like to join


Sorry ive never really been part of a guild how do i join the guild?


I’d like to join, because my current guild is pretty inactive


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