Recruiting for "m a l d", accepting basically anyone rn ngl


m a l d


  • You must speak english
  • No guild hoppers allowed. If you leave, you will never be let back in.
  • You must not be a bozo
  • You must use discord
  • At least 1 character needs to meet reqs. This requirement has NOT been activated yet. Get in while it’s still easy to get in. Reqs sheet made by me. it’s an NFT so please do not screenshot it.

How to apply:

Step 1: Fill out this:

Step 2: And then DM either Raphielle#6501 or CRO#6798
Step 2a: You can also PM us in game, BaconSM or Uhtceare. Both of us don’t touch grass, so we’ll most likely be on when you are.
Step 3: Wait for us to get back to ya
Step 4: If you made it in, you made it in. if you didn’t, sucks to suck.




ligma balls :frowning:


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