Recruiting for Moonstruck! [USMW2]


Moonstruck is a recently founded guild!

Main server: USMW2

  1. Do not talk back to Officers, Leaders, or Founders, unless it is clearly playful, or if you have a appeal on their descision, which should be brought up to StarRod.

  2. Do NOT EVER lie to ANYONE in the guild. StarRod is very good at telling if you are lying. Also, YOU SHOULDN’T message HomoHomie for anything about the guild. Message StarRod.

  3. Do not ask for ANY ranks, or you will be kicked/demoted.

There are no requirements except being mature, and decent at the game. No, you don’t need to be able to clear a dungeon, or have base fame or ranks, this is for people who think they are better then everyone else. A optional discord server will be created, however personally, I will not usually use it.


Could I join?


Why do you talk in third person? :thinking:

Also bump, @SgtPancake asked for a place in your guild.