Recruiting for Sator Squad


Hello all, Sator Squad is a chill friendly guild that plays mostly on USW servers, at the moment mostly USW4. We are looking to start doing key popping and events like PPE challenges and the like for prizes and whatnot. Although we just started the guild, I have had a pretty successful guild in the past, and since I’m coming back to learn the new content and get good at the game again, I’m hoping to do it with friends and be able to create a new community!

-We are an English only guild.
-We require discord to join.
-Base fame and 8/8s aren’t the most necessary thing, but we are always open to picking up talented players!
-We’d prefer that you can run all content up to Tomb level of difficulty (or atleast most of it).
-No cheaters, hackers, or the like. If you are suspected of hacking we will require you to send a screenshot immediately, and if you decline we will kick you out. I personally won’t report (though I can’t speak for others in the guild), because I think breaking Deca’s ToS is between you and them, but I don’t want my guild to be known as a hacker guild.
-No scumbags, we want friendly respectful members that aren’t trying to put people down.
-Our play times vary, but we are more active in the evening (US Central Time).
-Key poppers/event organizers are greatly appreciated, we are hoping to help everyone have a good time, though we already have a couple poppers including myself.

Message me through forums or on RotMG to apply, please set your characters to public on realmeye in advance.


yo can I join?


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