Recruiting for TXT!



Founded on March, 5th 2019, TXT was one of the top 20 guilds for about a year with 2.4 million guild fame. We are now excited to tell you that TXT will be making its comeback today! We are a guild of friendly and active members that are experienced at grinding events playing within USW1-4 Servers.


-2 8/8s
-3k+ Alive Fame
-Be Active (At least once every 5 days)
-Join Discord
-English only and No toxicity

What we provide:

-Huge weekly giveaways once we reach 30+ Members.
-Special Discord Events
-Support for maxing
-Active guild

How to apply:

  1. Join our Discord:
  2. Read all the rules and verify through the verification channel
  3. DM me with your realmeye on Discord once you get in
    If you have any questions, you can DM it to me as well!

Happy Realming! :heart:


GOD that pfp scared me so much


Lol, that confused me for a second too