Redox's Custom Chrismas PFP's


Nah it’s fine
(btw I love this, it’s amazing)



Oh lol, I did it anyway. :sweat_smile:


these are great

still lowkey wishing I could do proper pixel art


pet: panda, snow queen. I guess background could be like a Christmas tree?



3 hours work lol. That one was definitely fun :smile:


link a picture of it please, I can’t find it on the wiki.


This is great, can you do one for my rogue?


Not sure how to get a high res version tbh im in class rn


Sure, do you want your pet in it, and what background do you want? (can be literally anything)

High res or not doesn’t matter lol. I don’t copy and paste it, but just recreate it in my pixel art app and then add outline after.


Can you do one with Daichi with christmas hat?
Don’t care about the background.



Can I get my warrior wearing a Juggernaught helm, with a santa hat on the helm? And can you put it in a Lost Halls ice room background?


Just the rogue is fine, The first background with the snowman in the back is really cute.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Here it is, and I’d like a snowy Christmas tree background. Thanks! :smile:




image @Redox


Thanks, I’ll complete it in a little while


So you want the workshop background in yours?


Omg tyyy it links amazin






ok basically this is very cool!!