Remove this stupid TP stun


I’ve missed out on so much loot from T-rooms, bosses, and events because they die before the 3 second TP stun goes away. This 3 second stun hasn’t fixed the issue, it’s just put a band-aid over it and caused even more (arguably WORSE) issues…


  1. Remove this stupid TP stun
  2. Add a long invulnerability to all T-rooms, bosses, and events (to the ones that can get melted in 2 seconds flat, at least) so people actually get a chance to get damage in before they die

Or better yet, fix the original issues (people dragging onto dungeon entrances and event sitting) instead of implementing these super lazy ‘fixes’.

This shit is really pissing me off. I never thought that a 3 second TP stun could be this aggravating, but it is.

I am really really disappointed in these super lazy ‘fixes’, you haven’t fixed anything, you’ve just caused more issues that are objectively worse than the original ones.

In the wise words of DJ Khaled: “Congratulations, you played yourself.”

Fix your shit, Deca. This is just really sad.

Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20

I normally clear in candyland hunting grounds, and in a crowded one with the stun, that just means I miss every other boss unless there is mystic


I’d encourage longer invulnerability times for cland, because those out in the field are usually the ones doing the work, but personally (I’m not trying to start a firefight), I believe trooms should stay the way they are. The people who went and found them should be rewarded more than the people who (more often than not) mooched.

As a small side note, increasing the health of a troom “chest” (assuming it’s not a mini-boss) may be a better third option. That way the people who found it have some time to get damage in, but not be able to kill it fast enough before the others show up… though that could get annoying in small/solo crowds. However, my above opinion still stands.

I actually liked the longer stun/silence measure, for the record, but please, don’t take this as condescending! All of this is opinionated.


As someone who always helps with Davy’s and WLabs when I can, I often see the troom call a second later than the leachers, which means that’s 1 second that I can’t attack that they can, which is normally enough to miss the whole troom

This 3 second tp stun is not helpful towards the game, it’s cancerous and frustrating


I don’t think the stun is even needed. I’d keep silence


The stun is actually so annoying. I thought I was lagging and that’s why I can’t shoot. That was until I saw this post, like wtf, is this an actual thing? Does Deca actually think this will help fix anything other than wasting people’s time??!


I finally updated the game after 6 months just to check out the new bard class, only to find it being genuinely the worst class in the game, besting even the utmost horrible of mystics. And along side that horrendous monstrosity of 55 speed and 55 attack I was met with this ridicules change that tapped 3 seconds of my life away every time I decided to teleport to another person.

Needless to say I am stunned at the ruthless efficiency that this game possesses, as it can rip a man of his will to live in less than 2 hours.


I just want to point out that the added stun and silence were added because of the free 3 second invulnerability when teleporting or entering a new area. I think a shorter invulnerability is fine, 1 second gives you plenty of time to get away/nexus from something that would otherwise instapop you


Actually it helps a lot because of delays. Nest sitting became a problem again because it isn’t enough time to react.

For instance, if you teleport and get a 500ms lag spike you only have half a second to react before you die. 3 secs is great.

A good idea I’ve seen posted is that they could have a damage limit when invulnerable from teleporting. Say 500 damage cap, the rest of your shots don’t give damage when invulnerable. This would allow SB but not abusing…


The stun is there to keep people from abusing invulnerability, but I agree that it’s a bit too long now. Two seconds should be enough in most cases.


That’s kind of the point. They had the 1 second rule for a time. But not everyone has the same computer/great graphic to action rendering time, especially entering in dungeons. With a notable nod to the Ddocks trolling, you’d load into a dungeon dead before you even saw yourself enter. You could walk around before the visuals loaded, so to could you die. It’s a precaution for now, because although the dc’s are better, other delays like that, including in the realm, exist.

I do wonder if this game rule will be changed in the future, though. I’m not arguing about any other possibilities for the 3 second inclusion, but I’ve had my suspicions.


PSA: If you TP into a Mad Lab’s blue potion, you get unstunned



Didnt think about this one, props to you


I can see the point of it in some situations but I think it needs further balancing. E.g.

Entering dungeons and portals. There are some where it makes sense like Docks. There are some where it does not matter like Tomb. And some where it is positively detrimental like Bilgewater’s Grotto, where it effectively wipes out the benefit of his delayed start for late arrivers.

So for them it could activate on a per-dungeon basis. Have it on by default, as in theory most dungeons you could teleport into a crowd dragged from the first room. But turn it off whenever it makes no sense, such as Bilgewater, Oryx’s Castle.

Teleporting within a dungeon/Realm is different as it saves you from much worse things such as teleporting into the path of a Behemoth or almost on top of the Avatar. But without the lag of entering a portal I don’t think you need three seconds. Two seconds is enough I think, time to judge the situation and nexus if you need to.


Just noticed that line. Let me translate for the casual reader’s convenience: there are not enough mystics to teach patience these days.

Its a joke okay dont take me seriously


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