Ring of the Sphinx Rework Idea


Guys, remember this abnormality?

Tier UT
On Equip +4 WIS, +4 DEX, +100 MP
Fame Bonus 5%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 900

The Ring of the Sphinx doesn’t really serve a function. Sure, it provides a nice boost of MP and WIS, but the pointless DEX boost (it doesn’t really go with the other stats) and the much better alternatives out there (Gemstone, etc.) render it almost useless, and pretty much only useful as pet food. I wanted to rework this ring so that it is much more focused on MP and ability usage, instead of having a wide but thin spread of non-complimenting (and not-so-good) stats. So, without further ado, I present the Ring of the Sphinx rework. Be sure to leave comments on this rework so that I can improve.

Tier UT
On Equip +6 WIS, +140 MP
Fame Bonus 5%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 900

I am doing this rework because I recently got Sphinx and after looking at the wiki and reading the forums, I realized that this ring is vastly less versatile than Gemstone, Sourcestone, and even Nile. So I decided to, rather than make up for that flaw, sacrifice versatility for a massive boost in MP and WIS. This new ring should be good for WIS mod classes (Necro, Priest, Sorc) and also classes that want to use their abilities more often (Knight, Assassin, etc.)

The stats are comparable to Geb’s ring of Wisdom in that it sacrifices 25 HP, 5 VIT, and 4 WIS for 115 MP. Not a bad trade-off really. Now, the thing about this ring is that it provides no defensive stats, like the previous Ring of the Sphinx. So, it would be put to the best use on already tanky classes like Knight and Priest who don’t need the extra survivability.

Compared to Gem, it sacrifices 6 def and 6 SPD for 6 WIS and 30 MP. This isn’t a very good trade-off but it wasn’t meant to be as Gem is much harder to obtain.

Finally, compared to Covetous Heart, it sacrifices 15 HP, 5 ATK, and 2 WIS for 90 MP. So, what do you guys think? Would this be a ring you would use? Comment below with suggestions and improvements.

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Pleb approves


Although the new changes are better, I still highly doubt anyone would use Sphinx as a ring in general.


Every tomb ring is a direct downgrade to a shatters and/or LH ring. As it should be because for new players a tomb is easier than both of those dungeons. People only use tomb rings because their stronger versions have lower drop rates and drop from more challenging bosses/dungeons. The uselessness of sphinx is due to the low stats it gives. People would rather use a mp ring or a hp ring. When you look at gemstone, people still dislike it but it is far more useful due to its higher stat increase. Sourcestone is even more liked for the same reason.
I dont think sphinx should be buffed because then it would be too similar to its better versions. People would just run tombs instead of harder dungeons


I would personally be in favour of Sphinx trading in its dexterity for defense, to make it suit a more defensive, ability-oriented playstyle, as a true counterpart to Pyra’s more offensive weapon-based playstyle.

I disagree, purely because this is not literally the case for Pyra and Sphinx.
Pyra: The most comparable rings are the Bracer and Bloodshed, with Bloodshed trading in the 4 attack for 5 wisdom and 1 defense; the Bracer trades in 40 HP for 60 MP, 2 attack, and 2 defense. While both are great choices, there are some people who don’t need the bonus wisdom, defense, attack, or MP (for instance, Warrior, who doesn’t really need that much more defense or attack, and may prefer 40 HP).
Sphinx: The most comparable rings, in this case, is Bloodshed (again), which trades in 100 MP and 4 dex for 5 defense, 1 wisdom, and 100 HP. Although HP is indeed generally a more preferred stat than MP, some players do enjoy having a bunch of extra MP to spam their ability with.

Nile is indeed objectively outclassed by Omni, which does fit within your view of the Tomb rings.


I was just going off of the wiki. Guess i shoulda checked the stats cause i havent seen them in a while


Sphinx is not most comparable to Bloodshed. It has almost nothing in common with it. Also, while Nile is objectively outclassed by Omni, Pyra and Sphinx may as well be. Pyra gives a paltry 20 extra HP, while Omni gives 80 MP, 4 spd, 4 dex, 4 wis, and 4 vit. Similarly, Sphinx gives a tiny 20 extra MP, while Omni gives 80 HP, 4 att, 4 def, 4 spd, and 4 vit.


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