Rotmg chess


Play chess in ROTMG
To make black and white pieces use black and white dye on stone skins
Need 16 of each colour

Rook = Warrior (2 needed)
Bishop = Priest (2 needed)
Knight = Knight (2 needed)
King = Archer (1 needed)
Queen = Huntress (1 needed)
Pawn = Trickster (8 needed)

Now then go to Pup encore and play chess on the tiled rooms,same rules of chess apply and pieces move how they should.

If you wanna play chess and have one of these chars with Black/White dyes on stone skin PM Me (Minnemaham) (Must be full black/white)

C h e s s T i m e




I’m down


wait that makes no sense tho, who will lead each team


Not u, that’s for sure


Holy shit. If you can pull this off I will be severely impressed. 32 players total, all have to coordinated with one guy making the moves. @Troii should just make a multiboxer bot that plays this xD


I’ll be a bishop


I’d like to play but I don’t have all black though


What happens if a pawn gets promoted?


Maybe each of the tricksters could have a T0 prism equipped at the beginning, and have other tiers in their inventory. A certain tier can mean a certain piece it changes to. Though that might be hard to pull off correctly…

Otherwise, you could have people on the sidelines with other characters as backups (and in case someone DCs).


2 Players come to play while other be the pieces (we can alternate)


Oh shit we need reserves then like 2 extra of each




One king 1 Queen , Archer and huntress are similar so why not :confused:


Don’t have all black


being full black or white is hard for ppl that cannot pay…

I can! when you guys will do it?


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