[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Yea, that’ll come about in the Epilogue or near the end of the story.

If our buccaneers SURVIVE!


Will hold you too it then.


That’s a weird image… Stumpy with a super tight clay(?) armor, a red gem eye socket, and eyepatch over his working eye. Bravery and stupidity is a thin line, but I’m curious if his strategy is just to leeroy in and come out unscathed…


Its always a tossup when Dreadstump is around


is dreadstump a trickster

Probably not

But Davy Jones might of been in his former life, having the prism set and all.


The Escape Plan

Pages 946-950

Author’s Notes: Guess he forgot about the grum…

Full Comic Layout


Ninja like :slight_smile:

Draw moar.


sneaky sneaky


Man, I wish I could understand what he’s about to do. Is he just walking straight at the arrows? Is he dodging them? A little confused. I do love the smear effects when he’s getting drunk. He’s a pirate alright! That stuff knocked out the current Pirate King!


He probably doesn’t even know himself, but it tends to workout, so who knows? No one has to know really, not even him.



Pages 951-955

Author’s Notes: All according to plan… I guess?

Full Comic Layout


Real slick dreadstump


HOLD THE PHONE, those black sticks were him tanking the arrows? For the love of Oryx, drunken really takes him into a new tier tank. Parrots must be working overtime to keep his 800 HP (plus some defense courtesy of armor) up. Not that it wouldn’t hurt… Bonus balls point for the man who couldn’t lose anything and is willing to do everything.


404 ERROR: Prism not found.
ERROR: System32 not found. Windows XP shutting down…


so, lemme get this straight.

a group of 90 players against the defender takes about a minute or two to beat it.

meanwhile dreadstump gets drunk and slams into it while asleep and defeats it while also leaving the brain intact, which is not something that happens in every lost halls run.

you know what this means?


Jesus Christ imagine an anime all about Dreadstump the objectively weakest RotMG boss.


Attack on Pirate!
Shokugeki no Stump!
My pirate academia!


Inb4, remake of pirate cave makes it harder than void.


69/10 would watch again


Even though Dreadstump is confirmed strongest character of all time, perhaps its not all as it seems. Even a drunken sailor finds himself early in the morning.