RotMG Tier List


my boy assassin has been lowest on two different tier lists already. sorc has been getting more love than that



I was thinking about moving huntress to c tier, but then @Seelpit would never say anything about it


SS+ : Warrior Archer Wizard

F: every other class

super F: Mystic

SUPER MEGA F: samurai



is this for fun or viability
cuz for fun honestly warrior goes into C (A i guess if you have jugg), but for viability S
likewise trickster is super fun but honestly not super viable



The only reason Huntress is low on y’all’s tier list is because you’ve all been blinded by Archer.

Since I’m on mobile atm here’s mine in text form, based on my enjoyment:
S Tier: Ninja, Huntress
A Tier: Trickster, Wizard, Necromancer, Samurai, Sorcerer, Mystic
B Tier: Assassin, Knight, Warrior, Paladin
C Tier: Priest, Archer (excl. Void Quiver), Rogue


I’m sorry but, how is the Necromancer ending up anywhere below A?


Based on how much i like to play each class.

S tier - Necro
A tier - Sorc, Pally, Archer
B tier - Wizard, Warrior, Knight, Huntress, Samurai
¯_(ツ)_/¯ tier - Priest, Mystic, Assasin, Trix, Ninja
Playn’t tier - Rogue

I really can’t play rogue but i R E S P E C C skilled rogue-mains


This is more about personal enjoyment I guess

If you make a class ranking and try to convince other people that its the right one then you’ve already lost




This is how I’d rate the classes (based purely on personal enjoyment)




Not bias at all.

Then my personal enjoyment ratings.


I’m doing this as of I have my favorite whites.
Also Archer should be tier S and Huntress tier B. Didnt feel like redoing it after i noticed.
Im not sure how to make a dropdown so please forgive me
Tier S:
Warrior, Paladin: Both have extremely high dps with a ut ability that gives them armored.
Knight: An OP ability that keeps enemies from shooting, also having the highest defense of any class in the game. I love to use breastplate and deca in large groups because it makes my knight unstoppable, and it still has enough dps to get sb damage.
Archer: Archers have extremely high dps. Both void bow and the archer st bow have extremely high dps with few downsides. And the shadow quiver can melt through gods as well as 2 or 3 shot almost any gland dungeon boss. I find this extremely fun to use.

Tier A:
Priest and Sorc are very unpopular opinions. They have low dps and are often overlooked. But I enjoy making the most out of wismod. I give them the cult staff and ring in order to make priests wis 95 (im not sure what it is for sorc). On priest, this gives me 6.5 seconds of prot and heals over 9-10 range depending on which tome I have equipped. Sorc’s devastation scepter is meant to do high damage to one target, but with wismod it can become up to three targets at even higher damage.
Trickster: Currently many bosses are stun immune, but none are immune to trickster’s decoy. If you are skilled enough to use it, you can permanently make most enemies shoot away from you or the group. Dancing swords is fun for solo play with multiple enemies because it spreads enemies shots away from you. Its also quite fun to rush on trickster.

Tier B:
Assassin: Not great dps but the poison allows you to get soulbound damage in with little to no work.
Huntress: Doesn’t have as nearly as useful an ability of archer but still has okay dps.
Mystic: Great for rushing. Use a tiered orb with cult staff so you can get berserk without stasising what you are trying to kill. Use conflict with cult staff for mowing down enemies ahead of you while getting speedy and stasising any enemies you didnt kill that follow you.

Tier C:
Wizard: while it has very good dps, it is still the most generic class and isn’t all that fun. I mainly use wizards as throwaway characters because I’ll get bored of it if i play for a long time, and also I have plenty of wizard items saved because I rarely play them.
Rogue: I’m just not a very confident rusher, so I rarely get to use rogue for its potential.
Ninja: I like using the ut katanas and stars, but its really not a smart class to play. Its just too fast and too squishy

Tier D:
Samurai: a less squishy and less speedy class than ninja. But I never really understood the wakis. A lot of uts come from the left instead of the right, make a cross, and others. Whats the points? Theres really not a huge difference so its kind of boring.
Necromancer: A slightly more interesting version or wizard, though with much lower dps. I don’t like wizard much so I especially dislike a knockoff that has 1/10 ability damage and 1/5 healing of a priest. Not to mention it has a lower dex cap than wizard.


Poor sammy, so many D’s


Daichi = gay, Samurai = Class that’s most related to the Mountain Temple. Coincidence? I think not.
ninja is irrelevant


It’s interesting to see other people’s opinions of the class tiers, even if I disagree with a lot of them.

Edit: better cropping


This is mine:


Literal Tier List (From Experience)

S is what I’d consider to be classes who are versatile, powerful, and are also capable of maintaining enough control in most scenarios.

A are classes who find their strengths in specialization, or lack enough flexibility to be a higher tier.

B is the middle of the road, classes who are well rounded but are lacking something.

C classes are very good at doing one thing but are out-performed in all other ways by a higher tier class.

Note: Samurai may belong to A or even S, but I haven’t actually played the class yet to be able to determine that.

And this is how much I personally enjoy each class.

Archer isn’t equal to Huntress only because I’m a bad shot. :disappointed:



Main factor is enjoyment and my personal playtime, actual practicality sometimes comes into play in my decisions but mostly not.
Wizard sucks.


Assassin should be D lmaoooo