Samurai Fame Journey


This was a nice journey for me. Felt fun seeing myself surpass so many people and in such a short amount of time. Wasn’t too hard either, just got fame passively. I might do this again, might not. Only made this thread because I was surprised how fast I climbed the ranks. I’d prob just make a new thread if this happens again. This was also my longest living character ever, at least so far, so this was kind of special. Thanks to the people who supported my journey along the way, and if I don’t skill issue too soon, this may happen again.


27 437 Base Fame. Will see if I can reach that, too. :slight_smile:



Make me proud and be my successor…


did it, but had not enough skill for the 30k


Maybe I could be the next successor kekw. Gonna retake the throne.


if you can beat my ex guildy bateatboy ill give you all my tradables on all my mules


Holy mother of god… almost 400k bf. My personal highest was 45k…


lol gonna get into this too. Just starting though so my samourai a bit weak. Maybe not gonna reach that 400k but lets aim for top 100


Gonna beat out ook. That’s the goal! We still in the baby phases but gotta set goals!!