SBC is recruiting [OPEN] [Lost Halls Discord]


oh and the word “still” is there. you really should read and understand english before commenting.


And you should read the “till a unforeseen date” and understand what that means before criticizing a member of the discord you are trying to join by saying he doesn’t understand English. He was being helpful by answering a question that was already answered, so reacting with aggression was probably the worst way to carry that out.


literally all you have to find out is to click the link


and i literally did that. another pointless and helpless comment. thank you sir~


I’m not asking you to, I’m asking you to read the post before asking questions that you could really answer by yourself.


something tells me that you’ll be kicked from sbc soon


I have 4 8/8, 1.8k base fame, 4k total fame but I dont have a mic for discord.
Can I still join?


you can join the discord, but you need 5k live fame before joining


Can anyone join the discord or are there requirements


Anyone can enter the discord, but you have to meet the reqs in order to verify and do runs




closed again


@Shatter changeth the op


You all calmed down know? ready to act like a normal person?

Don’t be so aggressive towards people helping you.

And if you think it’s sarcastic take a moment to think of how others would see it as just helping.


13 days ago.


IK, he needed some time to simmer down


is there any estimate to when itll be open again




open again @shatter please edit the op


@Mynamerr isn’t that going to be confusing for Americans?
3/7/2018 seemed like March 7th for me but I got the notification that you changed it, and today is the 3rd (4th of July tomorrow)