Secret 9th slot?


I was doing a tomb and somehow ended up getting an item stuck. Not in the usual way tho, it disappeared from the ground and took up a “9th” slot which could only be accessible if i swapped another item with it.

When I restarted the game, the item in the “9th” slot disappeared.


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Hachigatsu, Bou, Tsukiakari by Yorushika; If you wanna check it out


I’ve had an item stuck to my cursor like that today. Could be the same issue. I only noticed it because I couldn’t shoot. Haven’t encountered it again.


This “secret 9th slot” you’re talking about is a portal to the Devil’s dimension. Don’t mess with it.


Please delete the video and this post.




It’s a joke about the 9th slot being secret, he doesn’t seriously mean it


Only makes me think we’ve entered duping territory


Just a random thought: Those reports about items disappearing in the Vault after the new UI rework. Is it possible that those items were hidden in the 9th slot? And when the player relaunches the game later, it gets permanently deleted.


The vault bug (I’m pretty sure) is just that when you put items into a vault slot without using the “drop item here” window, it sometimes drops in a pbag, but appears as if it’s in the vault. Then, when you leave the vault, the bag despawns.


I dunno what the exact issue was, but I meant straight up disappearing as soon as you take something out of the Vault.


Nice Hogwarts reference I guess


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