Sewertp Recruitment


Active guild that loves Gulpord! Mainly on US servers but will go to other servers for events. Our guild focuses on grinding endgame dungeons. A lot of us hang out in vc while doing these. We do guild o3s, voids/ cults/ every endgame dungeon in general. We also do discord contests! (guildmates and friends)
-english speaking guild 0_o
-at least 3 8/8s with a total 10k base fame
-Must have endgame knowledge, or the willingness to learn
-Have discord+be an active user(mic is strongly recommended, a lot of people like to talk in vc!)
-No hacking, which will include everything from 3rd party clients to trackers/event tracking
-Be cool, friendly and pog! Pm any officer+ in game or on discord!

How to apply:


Sewertp application!

Hey there! Try to keep guild recruitment inside a singular thread and bump it, reply to it, and edit it from there if you want more interest :).

Here’s the link to your previous thread two weeks ago: Recruiting for sewertp!