Shaxasno's Photo Album!


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my Photo Album. I’m not sure how you got here, maybe you’ve found my album dropped somewhere in the glands. Maybe you’ve bought it from those stealthy ninjas, they always like taking items from the heros of the realms and selling them for ridiculously high prices. Good thing I have multiple copies of this thing…

Anyways, it doesn’t matter now that you found this album.
This Album, is the story of my life.
This album is not like the other albums,
It’s a magick album. Here, let me explain.

When a person gets a hold of this album, they will not see the past of my life story, they will see the present.

What ever you do, do not give this album out to the warriors and paladins, for they may use it against me.

How will they use it against me?
Well, since this magick album shows the present, they will know the exact location I’m in, at all times.

Now, why would I ever make multiple prints of this album, if I knew people would be able to use it against me?
In the beggining, when I was just a boy, my father Oryx gave me a book just like this album. He said that whenever I needed to find him, just open the book and look at any of the pages, there I would find his exact location. So I grew older, and I’ve traveled throughout the servers meeting many people, but the people who interested me the most, were the many priests of the realms. I wouldn’t always stay in one server, I had to travel in order to complete certain quests my father Oryx would give me. Then I remembered the book, if I gave all the priests a copy of this book, they would always be able to find me. So guess what I did? I made my own book just like the one Oryx gave me when I was little, one where anyone I gave it to would be able to know where I was and what I was doing. I handed it out to many priests, but then there was a priest, a priest who seemed different than the rest. I gave him an album, and he…he…he tricked me. That Damn Trickster, tricking people.

Alright, so basically this thread is for me to post my random realm pictures at!~ It’ll be like Facebook/instagram ;0

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fyi, for anyone who wants to know, that pic took 40minutes!!!

gotta transfer these here


These pictures may look like they’ve taken only 5 minutes to make, but they actually range between 20mins-1hour depending on the amount of people that is there. I’m working with other human beings, it takes great work to guide them towards the position I would like. But with teamwork, anything is possible.

(Of course there are those pictures where I take myself with no one else and they take only 5 seconds to do :stuck_out_tongue: )


what took so long about it?


1- shax takes a long time to decide where to let me stand
2- telling me what to say took 20min
3- someguy photo bombed


decided to ruin your fun again, but posting before you did


Get away from my Omega :rage:


I’m sorry that it had to be this way,
I had never once laid eyes on ‘Your Omega’.
Until the day I saw him paused inside one of my many territories,‘Nexus’.
Unfortunately, he had to be paused on the class I take great interest in…
He also had the best gear that class could ever possibly have…

So, @Shatter. It’s now a fight to the death duel we will have.
Draws out sword


laid*, not layed


Well, thank you for correcting my spelling error. :I



We weren’t able to take the best of pics since I was lagging like crazy…-sigh-


did you get him to stand there?


I actually did not take it while he wasn’t looking, he said he’d post it on reddit some time so you’ll have to wait to see his version if he ever post’s it < .> . I was just rubberbanding like crazy so couldn’t take a good one, plus you know how long it took me to find that spot? xo


here, i cropped it for you


from our guild discord


I took this picture a couple days ago actually, saw this guy with the full warrior set and I was like, “I need to get a pic with this dude.”


shax uploads too slow





O ___O Your exposing me! xo
Everyone- Get off meaning to go sleep** :II