[Snake Pit Treasure Room Megathread. OB]


It depends on the RNG. I have at least 2 trooms for each pit I’ve done. Maybe it’s different for you and/or to endertimes.


yea well ummmmm, i didn’t read any of the posts xd


I’ve gotten one before.


Kinda sad how there are 5 trooms + boss there yet you have only 1 SPD:(


Well, as I said, I rarely get any Trooms on snake pits, average one Troom for 5 cleared snake pits.


I was maxing, so I drunk the other ones.


Hah, really?


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Yet another 5 troom snake pit! :open_mouth: RIP the two wis I had on me. :joy:


? what


You have that little preview thingy you know




Dropped wis but not fire sword
Its not even in right place


Yeah, I know. It didn’t work the first time I tried it. Had to do it again for it to show up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Drop a fire sword??? Heck nah and it’s fine in slot 1, works for me a lot. Slot 1 5 or 7 are the sweet spots.


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Kids remember to wear backpack




I cannot believe that a white star would believe in the Kendo Fire Sword thingy.