[Snake Pit Treasure Room Megathread. OB]


I tried the kendo stick; all I got was death.

As soon as my friend tried to pull the fire sword thingy, his 7/8 knight died.

lel xD


Exactly. As @Edwardidk clearly states, “lucky items” can go either way. Here are my reasons on why I don’t believe in “lucky items”.

  1. There is no reason why DECA or Wildshadow or Kabam or any owner of the game would implement something of the sort. What would be the point of creating a lucky item? If the lucky item was just slightly luckier, than there would no point because players won’t discover the lucky item. If the lucky item was a lot luckier, there wouldn’t be cases where people immediately die with then lucky items, which Edwardidk just gave an example of the lucky item being unlucky.

  2. No one has no proof whatsoever that lucky items have been in any way associated with getting items. It is very likely that the good items that you got with the lucky items would have been gotten without the lucky items.

  3. Sweet spots make the lucky items even more unacceptable. Why the hell would an owner of the game decide that “oh let’s put a fire sword and kendo stick in slot 7 and this will increase chances of drops somehow”? The “sweet spot technique” just makes lucky items even less believable.


There was actually an official post by one of the GMs in the old WildShadow forums that stated something to the effect of “Due to the constant rumors of the Fire Sword bringing white bag luck we’ve implemented an easter egg for the adventurer who’s willing to try anything. Equipping the Fire Sword to slot 1, 5 or 7 increases your chance of white bag luck.” Not exactly word-for-word-verbatim and I’m not sure whether or not they were trolling, who will ever know? I can’t lie and say your points don’t have logic but it can go either way as you said, so we’ll agree to disagree. :wink:


of course they are trolling jeez


Placebo effect. And it keeps your spirits up, especially when you got it.


people preferences eh


Well yeah haha but it’s still fun to use them and think they work lul, don’t break a man’s dream. :joy:


Wow. I give two super long reasons on why I don’t believe in lucky items and then you give me a[quote=“LexCorp, post:15, topic:7021”]
Not exactly word-for-word-verbatim

in response. Thanks.


Haha, sure thing.


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Damn super lucky


Hah i got trouble finding just one


was talking to him in discord, apparently one of his first times getting a troom in teh first place…


I found a snake pit with 4 trooms in it. I have never seen that many before.


There have been some with 5 trooms.


It’s possible. But rare. I entered this pit when I needed 5 speed to max.

Post interesting map features here


Yeh, 4 is pretty rare, but like TrailMixt said it is possible to get up to 5. I’ll just leave these forum posts here for reference.


forums are turning into the subreddit