Sorcerer ST


EDIT: 20/04/2018: Updates based on community’s feedback

Hi there,

Opening a thread dedicated to the Sorcerer ST available to test on the Public Test.

Abomination’s wrath (wand):

  • 225 - 245 damages
  • 9 range
  • 53% rof
  • 4% fame

Grotesque Scepter (Scepter):

  • 935 damages 135 decrease per target
  • Max target 3 +1/13 wis
  • 100 MP cost
  • On use Hexxed and stunned for 1 second
  • On equip +4 speed
  • 4% fame

Garment of the Beast (Robe):

  • +10 Def
  • +50 Mp
  • -5 Dex
  • +8 Atk
  • +4 Wis

Horrific Claws (Ring):

  • +40 HP
  • +50 MP
  • +5Atk
  • +5 Spd
  • -3 Dex
  • 4% Fame

Full set bonus:

  • +15 Def
  • +3Atk
  • +6 Spd


looks cool, can you add sprites?


Also, looks cool!


Hey that’s pretty good :+1:

also will Djinja ever become an ST set for ninja or will it just remain admin only


Looks cool, but the robe seems VERY similar to the toga


somebody screenshot the picture for me, can’t see them ;,(


Trying out new set, would be my definite main


Looking at it, the set is just a DPS monster. The damage is insane, and it also has 50 defense.


A bit OP

Bring the set bonus defense down to 7 or 8 and we have a balanced set. People are comparing this to the mystic set, but that doesn’t have the highest DPS staff.

Does the scepter’s damage scale with Wis?


wait what
50 defense sorc???


Why do we need 2 sets for the same class in the same dungeon?


I like it so far, but it makes playing too easy as it deals a lot of damage, even the scepter (even though it stuns you after use).


The grotesque scepter seems to be really strong compared to the parasite scepter

Please dont make ST items that are better than UT items


They need to get misery box money somehow :stuck_out_tongue:




The ST set will need a serious nerf before prod. the wand is a better fallen wand and the scepter is a better parasite scepter. + you have more def than any other combination for robe classes as far as I know. its fun but not a good idea to release without some better balancing.


I believe there is no ST set for sorcerer. Perhaps you are confused with the Phylactery Mystic Set?image

Never-mind then.


He’s talking about the UT set.


I would say lower wand damage and increase scepter punishment time


in-game descriptions, stats with full set and the dps of full set compared to other options

53 PM

04 PM

22 PM

31 PM

39 PM


tl;dr this set is broken