Spoicy Bois Recruiting USMW2 (Revised)


Need some extra spoice in your life? Well here’s the place!

Info about the guild
Spoicy Bois has been around for about 6 or so months now. Most of our core people have been with us since we transferred from a different guild. We are averaging about 6th in the server throughout the last few weeks.

How active are you?
We are extremely active, with almost every member coming on ever day to chill for a bit. Anyone found over 3 days inactive, or just not active enough for us will be purged (unless told in advance for reasons).

How often do you pop keys?
It all depends on what the poppers want to pop, and when they want to do it. But on average, we pop random stuff every other day or so, and do LH runs on weekends.

We advanced our requirements so we can move up in the guild rankings, and also sort out some end game players, who we need for LH runs.

7.5k total fame
1 8/8 and 1 6/8
Daily activity with chatting
Discord (mic recommended, but not a requirement)
Clean tombs and Shats knowledge needed (this is a must)
LH experience would help a bit since we do guild runs.
Know how to take a joke

How to join?
You can just reply to this thread, and we will check back frequently, pm an officer+ in game, or fill out our application posted below.

Guild link

Thanks for taking time to read this! Keep calm and spoice on




They probably don’t know how to bump a thread I guess


Nah bro gotta get the word out there :p, jk, I was pretty new to forums until just recently, so this is the last guild thread I’ll make


Got a few more slots opening again, so feel free to fill the form


Raised reqs to 7.5k base fame now. Still a couple slots open for new members


Just purged 10 ppl due to inactivity, recruitment opened up again!


Still have multiple slots open! Any questions, feel free to put them below on here or HMU on disc Jakethegu#5001




Three more slots are open! Go ahead and pm me if u wanna join over Discord if interested.


Few slots opened up! Pm me in game or on discord Jakethegu#5001




Just popped up some more slots! Guild is a lot more active and chat is flowing! Pm Jakethegu#5001 or just hit up any officers+ in game if you’re looking to join!


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