[Spoilers] Easter Stuff and Endless Torment Buff


I have the full Easter set, the Tshot reskin, the Rabbit Magician skin, the full Golden Archer ST set, farmed 120 Parasite Chambers to get 120 Mad God Tokens last year to get all 15 Kingdom skins, AND I got a Jack-o’-naut in 2017. Do I win? :3


Congrats thank you for showing us your huge and impressive rotmg dong

On topic this event is stupid and dumb


I just hope a fire battle armor reskin for me xD


finally adding special effects like [that one pserver] :eyes:




atleast they’re doing new things :smiley:


What’s the tiara

Edit:wait nvm

Now I need to get it

How many eggs do you have?

Obligatory remark from me about how if the goal is to widen availability of “puri” effect, doing it via a 16th class whose tiered ability does purification in some form, would be a much better option.

I was kinda gearing up for a rant about how it’s unthematic for necro and ET for them to be purifying, but I really don’t care that much, and you could say it’s some kind of “dark magic” or whatever.

More relevant is decision to tie it to the number of enemies will make it unavailable in some situations, so actual Puri will still be the better option for groups. It’ll assist soloer necros, but I doubt it’ll be much of a gamechanger since ET is relatively rare. Panders to the dungeon-chainers I suppose since they’ll be sat with multi-ETs doing nothing, from Shaitan being key-opened far more than Manors.

It’s overall a bit of a messy choice further blurring the classes away from original concepts but that’s what we’ve been seeing throughout so not a surprise.

Tiara spawning a bunny: sounds annoying & more graphical junk, do not want.

How many eggs do you have?

I think a more accurate description would be an expulsion of dark magic tbh. Kinda like the body removing toxins, which would explain why it needs a decent chunk of mana and barely heals.

How FREAKING dare you. We get as close to my familiar idea and what do you do? you spit upon my face and family and my ego, I am eternally insulted and angry and now hungry for chicky nuggies.

jk. But the bunny could be very useful imo, maybe it can buff the player in some way or fight monsters or something. sure it could be more screen junk, but maybe deca could add in an option to disable allied entities (which they probably wont do :sob:)


You know whats funny I fed a Endless Torment skull right before this luckily I still have 1 extra


Is tiara the ub def reskin?


Yes with now 7% fame bonus (before just regular 5%) and also why don’t you update your star?


It used to be white… idk what happened.


They updated stars on realmeye all you need to do is log out then log back in

The General Chat Thread

After seeing the new (slightly buffed) Skull of Endless Torment I spent some time thinking about where it could actually be useful. A puri’s effect is welcome in almost any group/dungeon… but you have to hit at least 6 targets for it to actually work (and 3 if you just want to fix yourself up). Since it has to hit at least 3 targets to even do anything useful (also 1.75 tile radius, which is the smallest of all skulls) we can rule out its usefulness in most boss fights like MBC or maybe Void where there’s usually only 1 target to be attacking.

My first thought was for those moments in a big puppet master’s theater clearing where the fakes explode into paralyze shots, leaving 1 or 2 people paralyzed and then the newly spawned rogues and assassins roll over them - There’s exactly 6 there and you could easily just run by the person pinned down and clear the paralyze off of them with the newly spawned puppets.

Next would be the Agonized titan fight - I can’t recall how many of those little pink souls the boss throws out, but I’m sure you can at least clean a petrify off of yourself with that many spawned. (Plus you can still use your ability while petrified)

But otherwise, that’s all I’ve got. Where do you guys think it can be useful?
EDIT: for reference, image

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I’m not gonna sit here and try and list ways this item can be useful.

those fucking weakening elves and the confuse construct in the midlands

Personally, I absolutely HATE this rework. It makes no sense how you should be able to purify yourself and others ONLY if you can hit multiple enemies within a specific radius.

Why not make this just a straight up purification skull? Necro is already useless enough in a dungeon like the lost halls, this skull could change that.

To avoid it being too overpowered, give it no healing and minimal damage.


remember that Niegil’s leaks are far from final, many things put on testing are never seen again. that’s because it’s testing. there’s a nonzero chance this entire conversation will be rendered completely moot by changes made by the people who are actually in testing and who know what’s even going on in the first place.

you really should take Niegil’s spoiler posts with a grain of salt


Manors - bat confusion
Any realm event - if you get a weaken, confuse, or slow it might help (think LotLL with all the crystals circling and your in a high lands, or just fighting a cube god and get slowed)
UDL - get a slow (50/50 that six enemies are around though)
O1/O2 - could be enough around you to cure (again, seems to be 50/50)

That is about all I have given the range. It seems super situational.

EDIT: I like that they are thinking out of the box on such changes. That is more refreshing than a straight buff/nerf.


The use of this skull is to go succ the life force of your enemies.


Crusades to get rid of armor break to enjoy that sweeet mseal


Use it how it’s always been used and think of the purification as an added bonus.
The addition shouldn’t take over as a new primary use, but instead as a bonus function that can help sometimes.

Personally, as long as the rest of the skull remains the same and no stat changes are brought, I have no problem with additional effects being added.