[Spoilers] Marble Seal Nerf, MotMG/Reconstruction UTs and more


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Yes please. Have a formula for armored ratios based on the amount of players instead of a cooldown to balance mseal further. Small groups don’t have the luxury of multiple mseals to achieve the same uptime as a steamroll group. Abilities that give self-armor like prot and jugg could override the mseal buff with the base 1.5x ratio.



Hm… partially.



Bad news everyone

OSHA called, nobody is allowed to get near any of these events without wearing a PPE skin

The good news is, Oryx will have to deal with tons of citations that are bound to pop up

  1. Garnet and Jade wrecking balls are driven by erratic operators who are bound to run over or hit someone
  2. Avatar of the forgotten abandoned office building spews fire, suggesting failure to meet fire protection standards (sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, etc.). The building itself doesn’t seem to be burning down though, so the structure probably exceeds requirements for wall and floor/ceiling fire ratings
  3. Skull scaffolding does not meet safety requirements for handrails, cross bracing, sill plates, toe boards, etc.
  4. the Lost foreman continues wearing PPE while it is in poor condition. They need to remove it and cease work until they can be provided with new equipment, which their employer, Oryx (or is it the void in this case?), is required to provide
  5. Do you really think a bee could ever bee considered a qualified machine operator? These certainly aren’t


Oh god I just realised all the PPE puns DECA will be making ._.


Going to love collecting 40 coupons for a soft drink


Oh yes. The thing I spent my free 20 gold on as a new player, not thinking I would ever get gold and didn’t care. T’was a glorious waste of fame on that pitiful fp -.-


A very large portion of the active player base.

Objectively, you’re incorrect if you’ve tracked the player base statistics over the past four years.

But numbers aside, from a subjective viewpoint, you may feel that way. And your feelings are yours to feel.

However as someone who played back during Wild Shadow, Kabam, and now with Deca, I’m quite happy with how much life their putting into this game. Again. Such are subjective worldviews.

This however, is not subjective. Are you bloody deaf or blind? Countless times this game company has taken the player feedback to heart, and made changes to the game or policy from it. They’re not perfect, but it would be asinine to say that the developers are ignorant to the player base. There hasn’t been this much community interaction since Rob, Alex, and Amit were in charge.

This is one of the largest updates in history, where a plethora of dungeons are getting reworked. This update not only ensures the longevity of the game for its future, but the much needed revision to the early game that has been largely abandoned by Kabam.

As a fulltime student and worker, I’ll have a fuck ton of fun, even if I only get to play an hour a week, on an end game account. You can bet your bottom dollar, ass, or whatever other phrasing you want, that I’m going to having a blast running a pirate cave in 2020. That vital combat is finally going to make this game about skill, and not about pay 2 win pet healing. I have a nearly maxed divine pet, and I’m looking forward to the day that the argument of HP vs Def vs Vit comes back from the Wild Shadow days.


In addition, the Fungal BPlate nerf was to get players to use UBVit as a viable ring again for max-Vit build. Basically, UBVit will give +2.4 HP regen as OoC instead the typical + 1.2 HP regen.


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Imagine getting a soda


I think, of what’s here, my favorite new thing is the new Ghost God. Vaguely adorable tbh.


oooh, i think it would be really cool if there was a small chance to fight dbow septavius instead of normal septavius, especially if it has different phases


i was thinking they would likely use it for events where dbow has an increased drop rate


Then you will hate the event.

You will not be able to keep up with grind.

You most likely will not be able to get any rewards of value at all.

It will never come back. HP reigns supreme. You dodge. If you get low HP you nexus.

I applaud your enthusiasm, but don’t be upset when you can’t get into guild xyz123 that is running O3 in small groups because it’s the most efficient way to do the dungeon. Don’t be upset if the same thing happens to halls/shatts/etc.


Well that’s because many players choose HP over others. It’s overrated to the extreme. I don’t like HP ring to the point that I would sell my UBHP or Deca for extreme underpay (1 and 2 Lives) if I ever got it.

To me, I would use UBDef as primary defensive ring on Pally, my petless Ninja, Samurai and maybe Warrior.

UBVit is only good for petless characters but it still has its use. Once IC/OoC comes out, it will increase natural HP regen by +2.4 HP (as OoC) but retain 1.2 when in combat.


I have never been the one to partake in “grinds”.

I just enjoy playing with my friends. Sorry that’s so awful of a thing, to have fun…

If you suck at dodging, you build defense. If you’re good at dodging, HP is the way to go. If you’re godly at dodging, Vit is the way to go.

I have been the Founder of Mitochondria for the past four years. I have made some of the best god damn memories in this game with my guild, and I’ve made friendships to last a lifetime. I don’t care about the most “optimal” way to run a dungeon. I run end game dungeons using various discords, both pub and vet runs. Sometimes I solo them for the challenge. Sometimes I go petless. Most of the time I run around realm just doing events and having fun with friends.

Me, upset? This sounds like projection.


Niegil didn’t post all the godland resprites on Realmeye >:O
have a link to the reddit post


what the fuck did they do to my homies





The flying brain is now seen from behind and that is his butt

I’m not gonna unsee this and neither are you

Edit: That leviathan though, fantastic sprite. Also finger gun djinn