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The Demon Cat pet skin is Chomsuke from Konosuba




Leucoryx references Papa Emeritus IV and Papa Nihil from the band Ghost B.C.



Oryx Cardinal references Cardinal Copia from Ghost B.C.


References the Nameless Ghoul, from the same band.

Leucoryx is basically just a big Ghost reference


i think you might be reaching a bit there


i literally made them


well isn’t that neat




Leaderboard (last updated 7/20/2020)

Zquidx : 56
Mizumi : 55.5
Moobattle : 34.5
Wilhuff : 33.5
Nevov : 31
Piggby : 17
GammaGamer : 14
LudwiGa : 14
Twitchystr : 13
Crystalpx: 12
Ezie: 11
Lily : 10
Pentaract : 9.5
Seelpit : 7
Glawi : 6
IYN : 5
Laserquest : 5
Dappertron : 5
Mynamerr: 4
Demonseye : 3.5
EddyOrk : 3
Inrigo: 3
Unfocused : 2.5
Toastrz : 2
Helblox: 2
Dragon : 1
Nameness : 1
Niegil : 1
RJEleven : 1
RMGnoob : 1
RyanYoon : 1
Vayizor : 1
ZenoOfElea: 1
Kevzero: 1
Bluford: 1


Rainbow Road is also a reference to the Rainbow Bridge in the Norse mythos


Wilhuff already pointed that one out, before he took command of the thread.


AuOJVAx images%20(59)

12th Doctor

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Aradia Megido


Its description references this song by KGATLW


We utilize strength in numbers(Said by the godlands constructs) refers to Strength in Numbers, the Golden State Warriors’ Slogan




very late response but what about Avatar Yangchen?


Imagine not claiming seelpit’s skin smh


Ghost Captain Rogue skin’s appearance is a reference to Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean

source: me



Each of the O3 minibosses are named after species from the genus Oryx:

The recent Exalt Official Release Trailer has quotes which reference:

  • Actor Owen Wilson’s iconic “wow”
  • Broken English of the Doge meme (Kabosu is the name of the Shiba)
  • The show Pawn Stars (I can’t fully verify this one from just surface research, but I’m guessing C.L refers to co-star Chumlee)


image Spelling Spell’s sprite and projectiles refers to (a can of) alphabet soup

image NSFWakizashi’s name refers to “Not Safe For Work” content and projectile sprite refers to use of eggplant emoji as a metaphor for a peepee

image Performer’s Hat’s behaviour refers to the classic magic trick of producing rabbits and doves from a seemingly empty hat

image Mask of Anubis refers to Anubis

refers to merfolk

image Ring of the Northern Light refers to Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights


Mizumi already got that one 2 posts up


Ah, went through them all to make sure but that one happened to slip past. All good! Deleted the post for the sake of not having double ups.