Spot the Reference


image Mad Santa is another one of the various Santa Claus references

image Ring Pop, the previous name for Candy Ring, refers to Ring Pop candy (the name was changed likely due to copyright)

image Server Heart’s sprite refers to the popular “potato servers” trope, implying servers are so bad they might be powered by potatoes.

Weapons that drop from The Machine are references to some UGC members.
Refer to their Realmeye pages:
image Blade of Ages’ refers to @Xaklor
image Butter Bow refers to @Toastrz
image Caduceus of Current Craziness refers to @Atrapper
image K.I.D.D. Force refers to @Kiddforce and also versions of the Lost Halls dungeon
image MMace MMurderer refers to @MMoas
image Mister Mango refers to a sprite made by @Mrunibro (this one was already spotted in this thread, but I’ll include it for completion

G7Hbr58%20(2) Null refers to Nullbot, the only dev that worked on RotMG late in Kabam era

This pet skin refers to Toastrz, who created the dungeon, and the Hotel Mario game

image Futuristic Cloth’s 0s and 1s green on black pattern refers to the stereotypical hacker screen in pop culture and movies.


image image image

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99% sure someone has already said this, but the Time Traveling Phonebox Pet Skin is a reference to the TARDIS from the BBC show Doctor Who


yeah i mentioned that
may 28th


@EddyOrk mentioned this over a year ago in a separate thread, but I’ll share some info here to shed more light on the skin.

The Cultist of Unknown Origin skin and it’s description are all one massive reference to the album Fire of Unknown Origin by Blue Öyster Cult. The skin itself – especially the front-facing second attack frame – takes its design from the album’s cover:



Additionally, the description refers to multiple songs from the album:

The sole survivor of the Psychic Wars. If you see him after dark, don’t turn your back on him.

The first reference is to “Sole Survivor”, followed immediately by a reference to “Veteran of the Psychic Wars”. In the next line, there’s a reference to “After Dark”, and it ends with a reference to “Don’t Turn Your Back”.


Leaderboard (last updated 7/28/2020)

Zquidx : 70
Mizumi : 62.5
Moobattle : 34.5
Wilhuff : 33.5
Nevov : 31
Piggby : 17
Crystalpx: 15
GammaGamer : 14
LudwiGa : 14
Twitchystr : 13
Ezie: 11
Lily : 10
Pentaract : 9.5
Seelpit : 7
Glawi : 6
IYN : 5
Laserquest : 5
Dappertron : 5
Mynamerr: 4
Demonseye : 3.5
EddyOrk : 3
Inrigo: 3
Unfocused : 2.5
Toastrz : 2
Helblox: 2
Avokato: 2
Dragon : 1
Nameness : 1
Niegil : 1
RJEleven : 1
RMGnoob : 1
RyanYoon : 1
Vayizor : 1
ZenoOfElea: 1
Kevzero: 1
Bluford: 1
Atrapper: 1


The Cubes are a reference to the realmeye quote :

At a fundamental level beyond your comprehension, our realm is made up of cubes which act as the building blocks of both organic and inorganic matter.
As such, cubes are a vital part of existence itself, even for the gods. Oryx had once attempted to enlarge individual cubes to assemble overwhelmingly large titans.
He was able to grow the cubes, but putting them together again is a nearly impossible feat of magic. Disappointed, the Mad God left behind hordes of sentient squares.


Are you sure Uni wasn’t just too lazy to make “actual” sprites? :^3


Well yeah but that’s cool regardless.



Thanks for bringing it back to me. C U B E


Well this is an entertaining thread, isn’t it? I caught maybe half of the references before looking at this thread. Interesting to see the references by some of the spriters themselves! Which spriting programs do you all use? The one I’m using wasn’t meant for pixel art.



Ok, now that I’ve had a chance to sit down, that link takes me to one of those weird websites with categories meant for advertising… am I missing something?


Argus, the name of the Red Cultist and leader of the group, is a reference to Argus, the All Seeing in greek mythos.


The red cultist is named Malus, and they’re all Shadow of the Colossus references.


I’m just stating where I see identical names lol


Fair enough.

#247 is the name of the software I use, it s not a site


Oh, sorry, my misunderstanding. XD I’ll look into it with that in mind later, then. Thanks!