Spot the Reference


Some more Guill references:

  • Yo ho ho and a bottle of Pirate Rum!- originally from treasure island ('s_Chest)
  • I hope one of these bees doesn’t decide to sue humanity one day- from the bee movie
  • And don’t forget your hat and whip!- Indiana jones (or maybe Guill likes some kinky stuff :wink:)
  • Will the real Puppet Master please stand up? - “Will the real slim shady please stand up?” (apparantly also used as a meme)
  • I hear people sometimes use the puke water to make art. Gross. -
  • Oh, no! Not the bees! NOT THE BEES! -
  • A legendary Archer once perished at the hands of an Ice Adept.- The legendary archer is Gogoasafur who at that point was the #1 char in the game


something something seal clubbing

i actually entered one of the events recently, still waiting on the results
i dont expect to come close to winning though lmfao


Or do chest events 8)



Note that he is using a venom dagger


I was going to reference that along with Han Solo, but I was waiting for someone else to do it, as I assumed it was a popular meme.

For anyone who still doesn’t get it, its Peter Parker from Spider Man 3 (2007 film). Or rather, as the meme calls him, ‘Emo Peter Parker’


Cursed Library is basically the Micolash boss from Bloodborne. “Grant us eyes!” , the library setting and the way he maneuvers through the room. Might be other complicated lore as well but this is all I know.


The Light Calvary Warrior Skin is a reference to “The Charge of the Light Brigade” both the Tennyson poem and the actual event


I happened to catch this extremely specifically thanks to a recommended YouTube vid, but I almost fear that it’s been posted already.
The Grand Sphinx’s (and Geb’s) Fireball projectile:

Is the same projectile used by Fire Flower Mario and those rotating fireball walls in the original Super Mario Bros…


The Virgil the Rockstar of the Abyss Bard Skin is a reference to Virgil’s epic poem “The Aeneid” the quote Audaces fortuna iuvat translates to: Fortune favours the bold. It’s also a reference to Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” Virgil was Dante’s guide through the Inferno and Purgatory


I mean technically its a reference to the yugioh archetype burning abyss which is a reference to dante:

I mean no one wrote that Dante Trickster of the Abyss was a reference to Dante so I didnt mention it


it references both Virgils


The Heroic Knight skin is a reference to Link from Legend of Zelda.


yeah true
hmm idk


Both of these items are references to Doctor Who.
The skin is a reference to the 11th doctor, and the pet skin is a reference to the TARDIS


Thanks for these - these two songs have now been my soundtrack over the last few days whenever I do these dungeons… Lol.

The comments on Down With the Sickness vids on YT are kinda darkly hilarious too referencing Coronavirus.

Also found this gem:

You’re welcome.


Ok so this one is really obscure so I’ll post it here

It references Chantique from Star Wars KotOR



@CrystalPX When Revan skin btw?


I’ll definitely make it if I’m able to



Purple or red lightsaber?


Purple because why not