ST Woodland Druid (Assassin set)


On testing… kindda…


The skin looks a little weird, I think the dagger is a little to straight and the ring doesn’t look right to me.

I’d also like to see stats for it, if that’s possible


Nice PServer buddy.


I think if you shade it, it would be nice. However, as noted, the big 16*16 is a bit over bulky and the dagger just looks strange (in the sprite)


Looks like he’s flipping me off :frowning:


literally the first thing i see.

the dagger(?) is too straight and bright. the hand holding is super weird. maybe just posting them without being in the image, i cant see the images very well.

looks like beefcake rogue + brigade?


sorry for the crappy editing im using microsoft paint so… its kindda crappy… lolz still working on the stats and balancing it


not pserver its mc paint edit…


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