Stuff it's taken me years to notice


Well, for me it is, I love it because I get to see so many people get annoyed at a “Mystic” for stasis, but they either A: Never play Mystic so assume that it’s an easy class to play, take knight for instance. B: Think that all Mystics are bad players (trolls) and think stasis has no use. I love when people get mad at a troll Mystic and assume it’s any one of the other Mystics because a stasis happened.

I love when people get so mad at an entire class over a few players that like to have fun at other peoples expenses, which let’s be honest, 7 seconds isn’t that long. But, it also has some other uses, like in shatters for pillars, stasis the stuff that comes out of the mossy ones and kill the pillars quicker, curse and a dexterity or attack boost to help clear and damage things a lot quicker, or at a skull shrine/cube god stasising the minor cubes or skulls so others can get damage.

We’re basically Godlike, and DECA is ruining it over people bitching and crying over a max of 7 seconds for a stasis by removing the vulnerability to stasis from a vast majority of mobs in the game now. It really is a great class if you have some patience to learn how to play it, not to mention how good of a rusher Mystic is, in her own. :wink:


I didnt know you could type /tp instead of /teleport, or right click names to teleport/trade, or right click text bubbles to trade for a few years. only realized the right click text bubbles when deca removed it in that one update a few month ago


Actually, I remember when I first found out that you could unlock classes without paying money. I started with only playing wizard and when I unlocked priest, I just assumed it was auto-unlocked with first death. After 6 months, I was talking to a f2p player who was playing knight. I had asked him how much he spent on the game and he told me. It was a massive realization


I think that the right click thing was relatively new. Only a year ago right? Also, didn’t know /tp was a thing


It took me a few yrs to realize you could shift+click to use ability lol


You can xD?
Life changing!


Also just noticed this today lol
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His face is a potato


Took me a VERY long time to realize that you could right click someone’s chat bubble in order to interact with them, such as trading in USW2.


I always thought that when you got armorbroken, your armor is permanently broken so I would throw it out and try to find new armor.


Owo didn’t know that


I still don’t know how people format their chat bubbles to make signs with multiple lines.


With guild chat it’s command j


I wouldn’t say years, but whenever I was in the Nexus and there were no realm portals available, I’d always go run through the Tutorial again, since there’s a realm portal at the end, so I always thought that if I did that, it would open up a new realm so I’d have somewhere to go. Turns out new portals opening is just time sensitive, and me reaching the end of the tutorial was just a coincidence.

tl;dr, I thought that running the tutorial could open new realm portals.


Fame bonuses really surprised me. When I first started playing and dying and getting like 100 fame I thought it was impossible to get the thousands like people on leaderboards. I used to think the only way to get fame was whatever your base fame was when you died. But then someone said fame bonuses give you more and I was like “All I have to do is not TP, press space or use pots? Wow”


idk if this can happen or if it is incredibly rare or something, but today i got a drake egg from a udl construct.

Yeah, drops purple drake egg. I personally never gotten one and didn’t know it dropped though


I’ve gotten maybe like 10 drake eggs


U probs all know this, but a year or so after ninja was released I found that if u release spacebar after being speedy and press it again to fire another shuriken u can ignore the cooldown.


You on mac?
I on windows. When I do Ctrl+j it erases my line of text I am typing, and then says “invalid character” if I press enter. Alt+j does nothing.


I meant control sorry. I’ve been recently using Mac at school.
It also works in /tell chat.