Stuff it's taken me years to notice


I meant control sorry. I’ve been recently using Mac at school.
It also works in /tell chat.


didn’t take me yrs to notice this just months but kinda just noticed u cant unlock classes with gold anymore… rip


Took me a while to figure out that the pink block in the middle is a nose (it is, right?)


Valentine eggs are tradeable wtf


They always have.


wait? they dont have hands?

i mean its been a while, i figured out most things from the beginning of the forums.

really? i always thought the face was the left wing. the blank spot is the eye and the left most pixel is the nose. (well until forums)


That this game is dead, and isn’t really worth playing anymore but we all still do anyways.


They do have hands; I thought they didn’t have hands.

I only entered realmeye forum a couple months ago, haha.

I started playing the game in july 2012, but only knew about the horned drake in 2016 and the other two in 2017/2018.



that you can right click text chat to open the player menu along with right clicking chat bubble


Didn’t take me yrs to notice this cuz its a new feature, but realized today that when o2 says some random dood got the killing blow with some% of dmg he means the person who did most dmg not necessarily the person who got oryx kill oof


It’s taken me my entire history with this game, up until this year, to realize that 2000 experience points was equal to 1 fame.

It took me a year and a half or so to notice that password strength mattered… rip first account.

It took me about four or five years to realize that the debuff confuse just switched the input of keys by a ninety degree rotation.

I could keep going I reckon, but I’ll limit it to just one.

I took me 7 years to my surprise that the hard coded nexus button from the Wild Shadow era was still in the game, (F5).


It took me a year to realize how people had pets for their characters, up until 2015 when I got my first pet on my original account. I started in 2013 and didn’t know how to get them.

Took me a year to realize there was realmeye for the game, and that you could post on forums.

Took me a year to realize the game had guilds.


Wow that was helpful I didnt know you could just type /tp O.o




Just noticed this in a tomb not 2 long ago… Geb ring is a turtle if u look closely.
Geb's%20Ring%20of%20Wisdom reeee
Cannot unsee


How do you see a turtle? Are you saying the red gem is the shell?




Fusing a pet doesn’t automatically increase its max level unless one of its abilities are maxed.


Well, it took even longer now because it switches up with right and down with left.


You can