Submitting Fan Content: Steps and Resources


Submitting Fan Content: Steps and Resources

This is a resource compilation and guide to help you create player/pet skins to submit to the game.

Create your skin

Read DECA’s official skin-spriting tutorial:
Part 1
Part 2

You can use these sheets of existing skins as a style reference or to help you further understand spritesheet formatting:

Preview your skin

Below are two tools made by community members, capable of taking a spritesheet (formatted according to the previous section of this guide) and outputting a render of how the skin would look/animate in-game. You can also use them to test whether the dye mask for your player skin is correctly made.

RotMG Sprite Renderer by Flaps (I personally recommend this one)
tuvior’s Sprite Tool (.swf file that is opened in Flash Projector)

Get feedback and improve your skin

Once you have your skin preview, share it and ask for feedback!

Here are some places to ask for feedback:

Make fixes and improvements to the skin according to feedback, until you’re satisfied.

Submit your skin

Make sure your skin is finalized before submitting - if DECA decides to proceed with it, you wont be able to make further changes (DECA may make changes where they feel necessary)! It is best to avoid submitting multiple similar versions of the same skin. Also, if you have multiple skins to submit, fill out an individual form for each submission.

Go to the Fan Content page and select the appropriate form, and fill it out.

Checklist before you press “Submit”:

  • make sure you’ve read and understood the contents of the form
  • double check that the submission isn’t missing any elements (it is highly recommended to include an animated preview gif for easy judging)
  • double check that the spritesheets have correct dimensions and formatting (they should, if you used the sprite rendering tools)

If your skin is accepted, you will receive an email at the same email address you filled on the form.


Thank you for uploading this! I will be using this the (hopefully near) future.


I saw you posted this on reddit as well, didn’t feel like commenting there, but…

This guide looks great & hopefully it will help guiding people looking to submit fan content!


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