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Some Character Skins (6)
Tiered Weapons Resprite (8)
Turning off ST/Event Set skins (5)
8 humanoid demon pets (4)
Camelry Ninja Skin (3)
Pet Skin, Class Skin & Boss Resprite (5)
Oryx The Exalted Cube Pet Skin Idea *edit again* (6)
Shin Megami Tensei demon pets (2)
Concept sprites of unreleased skins (5)
Event White Resprites (2)
Jugg sprite update (8)
Nightmare Mystic Skin (6)
Lost Halls Sets Resprited (8)
Big dye shop at bazaar (7)
Dyes and cloths for pet? (3)
Bucket Dweller Necromancer Skin (4)
I'm going to hell (8)
Skitarius Sorcerer Skin / Sicarian Infiltrator Rogue Skin / Servo-Skull Pet Skin (3)
Dragophant (Divine Pet Skin) (2)
Insectoid Summoner Skin (6)
The Guardian Of The Seas (Warrior skin) (7)
Darth Vader Skin for Warrior (Dark Raider) (4)
The Arachnid Entomancer Skin (Summoner skin idea) (4)
Tiered Spells Re-sprite (8)
Vesture of Duality Skin (6)
Mini Bosses Skins as rare drop from their respective counterparts (10)
SoulBlasted Samurai skin (2)
Cherry Kimono Priest Skin (5)
Orange Creamsicle Knight (10)
Simple wizard skin I (re)made (5)