Sxstim: Former Top 20 (USWest2/USWest)


The guild is in general here for both new players who have played this game a little bit before and for veterans who would like to play with us! We cant wait to see what you can do when you join! We also pop a lot of guild keys!


  • Must be able to talk and read English.
  • 2K live fame and at least one 2/8,
  • Some Basic knowledge of mid to end game dungeons.
  • Be active on discord.
  • Cheaters will be removed, and any sort of scamming will result in the player being removed.
  • if your on at least around 10am-8pm PST time, then you should be able to see other guild members.
  • Contribution of at least an hour a day if possible!

How to apply:

  • Message an Officer+ In game or on discord
  • Join the SxStim Discord to apply as well.
  • Message here and ill do my best to reply as quick as possible!

Hope to see you out there soon!