Tackling RWT, but an extreme method


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We all know that RWT bois mainly sell WC tops, Deca rings and many more stuffs. I see that they cannot be eliminated complete but we can target on what RWTs are selling.

My plan is remove the legacy items from game’s coding and convert them (yes I mentioned that before) to their current SB counterpart. Meaning Legacy Pixie will be converted to current SB Pixie that we have. Those (legacy items) are the main income for the RWT simply because, no monsters can drop them anymore.

One particular set I didn’t mention is the Oryx Awesome Set. That respective set will be converted to the current Oryx’s Battle Attires Set or back to their pre-reskin (aka Acclaim, Colo, Acrop and Exa HP).

Pre-made accounts: I honesty do no know how those works…

I am also suggesting SB’ing Deca rings. IK, this is a bad idea but at the same time, it will damage RWT by a good amount. In compensation, its droprate will be readjusted.

What about others? How about just SB’ing everything and solve the problem? I did considered SB’ing everything but it will unstable the in-game economy, taking away the basic aspect of the game (which is trading) and will cause even more uproars than right now.

This will also affect duping (not completely though) simply because even if SB equips are being duped, at the most it will affect the dupers themselves and making them not possible to distribute such items to other players.

We can’t completely mend the damage that RWT inflicted but at the very least we have to mitigate it somehow. Again, this is somewhat extreme method (prolly really bad too) and I won’t be surprise that many players will complain.


I see many problems with this, so let’s go down the line.

  1. Mules
    Loads and loads of people have mule accounts filled to the brim with these items, so to not allow them to be tradeable would just be wrecking what they could have worked hard to get.
  2. Trading
    A huge part of trading is selling these items, so to take them away would make trading pretty much useless, as these items are the things most people will buy. When I go to usw3 90% if offers are looking to either buy or sell deca rings, or at least include them in the trade.
  3. Economy
    Ima be totally honest economy is already ruined for this game and will probably never come back from how far gone it is but keep in mind stuff like ubhp rings would skyrocket in value.

The best fix (and only permanent one) would be to remove duping, but rn that doesn’t seem possible.


Aware the existence of mules yes. We can however, give those players precautions if SB’ing takes effect.


If SB’ing Deca takes effect?

Exactly. So RN SB’ing is one way to go. Duping cannot be fixed.


honestly, the main problem with RWT isnt that it exists, but that it uses Duped items. i dont think DECA would ban RWT if they didn’t dupe. I think the best course of action is to remove duping, which makes RWT less bad. Currently, RWT is really bad for the game, making tradable items worth less. if DECA removed Duping, people who are quitting the game and want to sell their items for some cash would’nt have to be worried about anything, and the mass duping sites like [REDACTED] would die, making RWT just a different way to trade.

Please don’t explicitly mention RWT sites on this forum. -JimdaFish


note: i 100% dont support RWT the way it is rn.



right now the only thing being sold by rwters is maxing, no one buys decas because of how worthless they are (in rwt at least)

there is no more dupe method for now, it’s been patched for the time being.


I would have to disagree with several of your points. Assuming that duping gets fixed (which I’ll get into in a moment), DECA has no reason to even permit RWT. This isn’t just because of the fact that people could make money off of something DECA nurtures (and in a way steals money from the company because remember: tops in the Nexus are still a thing), but if you administrated a game, would you prefer a player to advance by excelling skill-wise or giving money to you (microtransactions)? Or would you rather have the money go to some shady thirty party? Going back to the duping, though, for each glitch uncovered, hundreds upon thousands of Decas/Skins/literally anything can be cloned in less than a day. You say as if fixing duping is the divine solution to the mess, but I don’t think you realize that just one exploit of the many that have occurred is enough to sustain every single third-party site for a long time. So much so that the only thing that caps their success is the small number of people that buy their products. Sure, many people pull out sums of cash, but at the end of the day, RotMG itself is a very small platform. And for each minor flaw in a game, there are many who would repeatedly abuse and exploit it for personal gains. It’s not just a matter of preventing the issues, but fixing them as well. And how do you fix that damage? You can’t. There’s no way to determine whether or not a specific item was transacted illegally or obtained legitimately. If you brought up something like hacking, sure, we can come up with an interesting and intelligible conversation. But RWT isn’t something that popped up because of RotMG. There’s a whole multiverse of games that introduced it. You can’t combat what’s been done, and that’s been proven over and over again in other games. RotMG is no different. There is no solution and there never will be.

And please redact the RWT site.


Shouldn’t be existing in the 1st place.


Didn’t really want to make a post but honestly the points you listed here aren’t really much of a solution at all.

That’s only a portion of what RWT is in this game. Fame Exploits, Account Selling, UT Duping also make a large portion of RWT.

This is also not a solution. RWT companies typically use fake email domains when making accounts, and they also have methods on bypassing the reCAPTCHA verification when making new accounts. There is no real solution to stopping RWT accounts. This also would not affect the accounts that RWT companies sell.

SBing everything in the game overall would hurt the game. It would be harder for newer players and decreases interactions between players.
I still remember when I was given a t8 wand on my first day of playing realm 6 years ago and teaming with players and trading each other items.
Taking away trading would make the game more solo-play/isolated and would take away a sense of community.

There is no real ‘solution’ to RWT, and if there was one, it would be extremely complicated.


Yes that is why I said “and many more”.

Yes I noticed that too, no good solution for this.

I did acknowledge that SBing everything will hurt the game. And mentioned that only certain items will be SB’ed.

Really reminded that when I was a (light) blue star, a random dude gave me T11 bow after me playing the game for a week or two.


We need to figure out what are the factors that cause players to use RWT’s.


Uh, the fact that it’s easy and removes grinding and time


I’m sorry?

Because of the current state of stat potions in the game, as Kage mentioned, some players resorts to those sites just get their characters maxed quickly.

I might not the only one who realize this but I have feeling that Deca shadow-nerfed droprates back to pre-IC/OoC state.


What? It’s easy to rwt I meant


IK. But we can however, make RWT less desirable to visit.


put this thread in whine cellar please… its funny how bad it is


He proposed an idea and we’re constructively conversing about its flaws. That’s what a discussion is :3


Here’s a bit of a solution, make it so usernames that are just a bunch of random letters mashed on the keyboard (ad-bots usually have random letters for names) aren’t allowed? Will make it harder for them to have adbots spamming ingame. It’d probably be really complicated/impossible to make a system that can detect this sort of thing though now that I think lol


It can be implemented by using a dictionary of English words, and designing a system where a letter combination that doesn’t match anything in the dictionary returns an error. But:
1)No game uses this, and it’d be pretty humiliating.
2)There are existing legitimate players using random letters for their usernames (PRCSakura, DeeBomb, Kageboshi, Twitchystr, Sansisgood, and actually the majority of the people in this thread.)
3)Many names wouldn’t be possible, including your own.
4)I don’t think any player here is in support of that kind of mechanic.
5)RWTers can pull an Uno Reverse and use a dictionary themselves to make new accounts.


Nope I’m a bot😉