Tackling RWT, but an extreme method




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So after hearing all the points and counter points made I have come to the conclusion that we can’t do anything at all and we are all doomed D:


The say you said it sounds like “We can’t do crap, let’s wave the white flag to them”.

We have to question ourselves why do such services exists. We can’t get rid of them, but we can however make players less reasonable to use them (not by banning, that ain’t gonna work).

Even if Deca has the power to shut down those sites, new one pops up every time and still wasting their efforts.

UT duping: Fear of losing items and possibly never get them back. Yes, even with UT forge, such duping still exist. Duping forgefires and materials.

Maxing pack: The tedious grinding needed to max a character, and right now because of rainbow are more valuable then Lives and Manas, that could cause more players relying on RWTs.

Fame Exploit: The desire to gain loads of fames within short period of time.

ST’s (specifically Legacy ones and the current tradable sets): I already addressed that.

Account selling: Banned accounts (from all bannable offences). But at the same time want to keep playing (and keep breaking the rules).

WC tops with Deca ring sets: IDK why they still selling those…

Possible solutions (again they are rough ideas):

UT Duping: Basically if a character died with particular ST (parts) and Whites, the chance of getting another one increases by double, meaning you will able to get back on track quicker. For forging, remove ores and forgefire from the Shop. Allow to gain theoretically infinite Forgefire cap (bad idea yes)…

Maxing: To keep on pace of the current in-game economy and to reduce the dependency of RWT, we can crank up the pots droprates (specifically from gods), increase guarantee drop from 2 players to 4 players and allow more players will able to get them (but not guaranteed). Increase the rainbow dungeons’ droprate.

Fame exploit: I’ll let Deca to decide.

ST: Again, Convert the legacy sets to the current SB set, but will warn players and give them time to trade before SBing takes effect. SBing all ST sets.

Account selling: This is a bit tricky. The system could be used to detect suspicious email domains and block them. What else?

WC tops with Deca rings: …


Because…we really can’t? We don’t even know just how many Decas are floating around in the game right now stored in automatically established bot accounts. Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Soulbounding every single item on the face of the Realm isn’t a good idea, and it’s far from a good solution. It sounds good on paper, but you can’t just change stuff just because it feels correct. Imagine how you would react if DECA went, “Hey! Let’s remove the Knight class!” Countless people make us of mule accounts because they don’t have enough vault space to store certain items. What do you think will happen if DECA decided to soulbound those items? People will complain. People will quit.

As for your idea of changing all legacy STs to their current ones, people spent time and effort to get those ST items, whether it be through grinding or trading.

Basically what you’re saying is that we should make the game infinitely easier to combat RWT. If players aren’t willing to cheat, is it even a game worth playing in the first place? What’s the point of RotMG if so? Get loads of pots, hit 8/8 countless times, and quit the game in a month because it’s too easy? The game was meant to be hard – something that required hours upon hours of dedication and grinding.

What in hell is a “suspicious email?” Totallynotshady@darkweb.qwerty? You can’t detect that sort of thing. The people working at DECA aren’t idiots. It’s likely that they’ve considered pretty much everything we can think of. Games are fragile – you can’t just change something drastically purely because it sounds necessary. You have to consider the side effects and the potential backlash from the community.


If that is the case, we basically waved the white flags to them and even more bots comes in.

I already acknowledged that SBing everything is just not right. Not everything will be touched.

Removing Knight makes no connection to tackling RWT other than reducing the gear choices.

Except they are still being bought from those sites?

They why do the maxing pack exist then? If there is no such thing as that, we can keep it as it as now. All I am asking is make grinding a bit easier, but not too EZ or there is no point.

You got me there…


Sakura I’m sorry but your ideas are just crazy lol. This would ruin the game. As many others have said rwt isn’t just for rotmg. We can’t do much about it, except for banning the ones we prove do.


Or instead of upsetting the economy, and many, many players, we can just implement anti-RWT system. Track trade data, train a neural network to recognize RWT trades versus regular trades, and implement a strike system. Upon x amount of flags, the trade history can be manually reviewed. Or automatically reviewed by the bot. And make account creation harder for scripts to automate the process.

IP bans are meaningless when an ISP can just assign a new one.


Dont fuckin touch my legacy sentient staves, I like them having 10 wis thank you bye.

Thats not the problem Sakura! The SB version has no wis bonus! Seriously, an st staff thats tradable and has unique properties is one of the tightest things ever. And I hate to say that about an ST item, but its really just to get the set bonus but even that is pretty shit.

Lets recap: they made it soulbound and they removed the stat bonuses. Although they had the decency to alter the shot pattern, they still left the dmg to its previous level. Huge nerf in my opinion.


You will still have it, but it will be SB though.


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To the PvP portion, this idea has be proposed since the earlier days of Realm. Long story short (since the battles have been fought repeatedly), the fights would be incredibly imbalanced, in almost too many ways to count. I’ll spare you specifics. These characters were meant to fight monsters, not each other, as tempting as making that game mode a reality might sound.


how many times do i have to say this? DUPING IS CURRENTLY PATCHED

wtf are “suspicious email accounts”, and what’s stopping rwters from using “unsuspiciois” email accounts


soulbinding decas and sts will take away the last high value non vanity items in the game, causing countless merchants to quit.

how would you feel if deca deleted knight? that’s how people would feel if you sb’d stuff. both are an equally large change to the game, but since you seem not to care about the sb stuff gamma is giving you something else that will elicit the same negative reaction that sbing sts would create in normal realmers


But the English dictionary does not include all possible euphemisms of words or phrases. It’s like censoring curse words, there’s always a way around it. Just isn’t technologically feasible


You suggested it, not me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I never said it would be effective, and was merely mentioning a possibility that would fit your idea best.


Then how to solve this exactly? Because RWT sites happens to sell those items as well.


You can’t really just ‘solve it’ or else deca would have done something ages ago


Excuse me? I haven’t proposed pvp, I proposed more intelligence for the monsters, none of that player barrel-troll player kinda things. Let me dit the post a bit.


Oh! I definitely misunderstood without the edit. Ok, that’s a different set of problems, but definitely more worthy a cause. I’d need to find specific links to cite my work, but as I understand it, the coding the monsters use is very primitive, and it cam be difficult to get them to do certain specific things in the precise manner you want them to. Like, you feed in commands and tell them to interpret it and have at it by “reacting” to their circumstances. I mean, the enemies don’t even treat walls as true barriers, and try to mindlessly chase and shoot you through them to no avail as an example of the AI incompetence.

Complain of I’m wrong, but I’d think that you’d have to use a different language to pull off some fancier, smarter AI. DECA is getting more creative with working with what they have, but there are limits.